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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Some combinations of ingredients meld together to form magical taste treats. The combination of bacon, tomato,freshly roasted green chile and cheese topped on a burger is a marriage made in heaven. We cooked this beauty on our flattop. We seasoned and briefly heated the chile before placing on our burger. Some home made mustard was brushed on a jalapeno roll. A tomato that was still warm from the garden would be the garnish to propel this burger to stardom. It does not get any better.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Millies's is a very popular breakfast hang out in Lafayette, California. This was our meeting spot with a fellow retired salt mine worker for a cup of Joe and to further the search for the best pork chops ever. Millie's is an old house that has been converted into a restaurant.. The parking lot is small and fills up quickly. The parking karma remains demonstrated by the spot waiting for me in front. We did feel lucky to be seated right away. The signboard advertised the special of pork chops and eggs, so the table was set. Our server was prompt and cheerful.

Liquidy Split our breakfast arrived. My friend took one bite of his omelet when the waitress snatched it away claiming it was the wrong order. I hope the next person did not mind a bite missing.. The pork chops looked large and juicy with a browning from the flattop. They had a cured type flavor, like of ham. They were decent enough and I did knaw on the bone. The hash browns could of come from the frozen food aisle of any market. The eggs were, well just eggs. The coffee was lukewarm and tasted very 'dinerish'
 Overall, the chops were okay and the rest was pedestrian. Millie's is a popular dining institution in Lafayette. I personally do not see what the breakfast eating population of Lafayette sees. The search continues.

Millie's Kitchen.
1018 Oak Hill Rd,
 Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 283-2397

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


For several weeks a year the New Hatch Green Chile's roll through town for a short visit. These are the 'Gold Standard' of the green pepper game. We have our Anaheim s and Long Hots but the New Hatch are just something special. These peppers have a cult like following of fans. Anybody from the Southwest or a fan of Tex-Mex foods knows the magic these peppers bring. In the past we needed to be diligent to find these peppers because only a select few markets would carry these peppers. Now for several weeks a year almost every market will stock them. Our local market finally has the New Hatch Green Chile.

I picked up 10 pounds of peppers at 99 cents a pound. The produce manager and I were talking about the ways of cooking and roasting of these peppers when he just happened to mention that I should buy a case. He also made me an offer that I could not refuse. (.70 cents/pd). With a 25 pound case under my arm it was time to get roasting.

Roasting 25 pounds of peppers sounds like a daunting task but is quit easy. We roasted them on our Weber kettle over a very hot mesquite charcoal fire. The idea is to blister the skin. You are not trying to cook them. A couple of turns on the grill and they will blister quickly. They are stacked on a sheet pan to cool. This method steams and loosens the skins for easy peeling. We portion them out and place them in ziploc bags. They are then put in the Chilebrown ice cave for future use. These peppers are so tasty. This case was marked hot and they delivered. We now have a great base for salsas, eggs, chili-verde, and so much more. We are happy.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Bella Vista California is a small rural community located 10 miles east of Redding. We have never heard of Bella Vista until now. It is the location of the 'Dry Creek Station. This is a local restaurant and bar that you have driven by your entire life and have always wanted to stop. Our in-laws John (he still will not let me ride his Harley) and Shastina took us to this local watering hole. This is the kind of place we love.

Let's all go to the bar. This a local hang out that was packed this happy hour time. We grabbed a table for our libations.  The waitress brought us an appetizer menu that was loaded with items that gave the deep fryer a workout. The zucchini strips were ordered because of their reputation as being the best ever. They were. To the main dining room we went for a steak dinner.

The dinner menu showcased steaks at very reasonable prices. This was a meat and potato kind of place, in fact vegetables were not offered with the entree. A small salad did come with your meal. I enjoyed a New York and Ms. Goofy prime rib. The steak was very decent, a tad overcooked for my liking but I finished all 16 ounces. I even had room for a piece of cheesecake.

It seems that America is turning into a giant strip mall that chain restaurants control. Dry Creek Station is a refreshing wonderful place to grab a cocktail and dinner. The locals from Bella Vista  have a gem to be proud of.

Dry Creek Station
Dry Creek Station Restaurant
22025 Highway 299 East
Bella Vista, CA  96008
(530) 549-5386

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I know the suits are sitting around the conference room asking; 'How can we get Chilebrown to buy our products?'. The answer is simple. Bacon is the magical carrot that I follow. Will the bacon explosion of products ever end and do I want it too ? Every once in while a bacon themed product is a winner. Today we have two bacon products that I could not resist. Bacon chips and a candy bar with bacon is on the table today.

I am not sure if you can ever improve the addicting, salty, crisp original version of Ruffles. The addition of bacon flavor tickled my curiosity but did not ring the bell. They were decent enough but the original is still my favorite. The next product was a chocolate bar with bacon pieces throughout. This was a hands down winner. The salty crunchy, maple bacon added a nice touch to the premium chocolate bar. We will purchase this chocolate again, in fact we already have. I wonder what the next bacon themed products will be?

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Ms. Goofy has two favorite guilty food pleasures. Chicken wings and blue cheese are two food items that makes her tail wag.  We have found a wings sauce from 'Original Juan's' that combines these two ingredients.This may be a  marriage of ingredients made in heaven. The great thing about this sauce is the convenience and simplicity of preparation. Season, cook, and coat wings with sauce. That is all.she wrote. Let's cook some wings.

We cut the wings in half and removed the wing tip. Our favorite rub of the day dusted and coated our wings. To the Chilebrown Ice Cave for a short rest of several hours. An indirect charcoal fire in our Weber kettle will bake these wings for one half an hour. Some blue cheese wing sauce was poured into a bowl. The cooked wings were placed in the bowl and tossed. We then place the coated wings back on the heat for three minutes to set the sauce. Easy, peasy. It was time to eat.
  These wings did have a pronounced blue cheese flavor. This was a traditional buffalo style wing sauce with the addition of blue cheese. It has mild vinegar twang to boot. Ms. Goofy was in chicken wing heaven. I enjoyed them too. Winner, winner, chicken wing dinner!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


El Yucateco is a brand of hot sauces that is a staple condiment in homes and restaurants throughout the country. When they released their new sauce 'Black Label Reserve', this Chilehead got excited. I ordered a bottle immediately and would like to share my initial thoughts and observations.
                                                        Read Review Here