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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


We are trying a couple of products from Micky V’s hot sauce company. I received a basket of goodies this Christmas from my Secret Santa and it was full of Mick V’s products. We will be sampling a rub called “Brok Da Mout and a barbeque sauce called Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbeque sauce. Micky  V’s website does not have a lot of information on these products except they are made in Texas. We will look at the ingredient list and give it an old fashion taste test. Micky V’s does offer this about Brok Da Mount.

Hawaiian definition: (Brok Da Mout) used when describing food that is unbelievably delicious.

We will start with the rub ingredients which will be very easy. Salt Pepper (black and red) garlic and Carolina Reaper Peppers are the listed ingredients. Now Carolina Reaper Peppers are some of the hottest around but this rub uses them in restraint. An initial taste test reveals salt and pepper with the slightest hint of Reaper Pepper. It only registers a slight tick over the mild notch on the heat meter.
 Brothertons Black Iron sauce has the usual suspect on their ingredient list. This is a tomato base sauce that has natural smoke flavoring in the mix. It is a fluid sauce that pours easily from the bottle. It smells very pleasant. It makes me hungry for the bbq to come.

Chicken thighs are dusted with the rub. We cook the thighs using direct and indirect heat. We put some sauce on the last 4 minutes to experience the flavor to the utmost.  Drumroll Please: We had a very nice meal. Ms. Goofy said the rub was very good and she could taste the peppers with just the right amount of seasoning. I on the other hand could not taste the peppers and thought the rub to be on the salty side.  The sauce was very good but not spectacular. It was your run of the mill bbq sauce. I hate to say it was nothing to get excited about. Well in conclusion Micky V’s puts out some nice but not great rubs and bbq sauce. In my opnion.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Rodeo, California has seen better days. The highway brought many travelers through town to support numerous bars, restaurants and business. A freeway bypass was built in the name of progress. This was one of the factors that has dimmed the lights in our small town. The bars are gone and have been replaced by churches. The old movie theater has been taken over by the "Inglesia La Luz Del Mundo" church. To raise funds for their church they sell tamales on Saturdays in front of their venue. This women pictured above braves the elements and sings her tamale song. We see her all the time while walking our dog and decided it was time to give these tamales a try.

The tamales come in several different flavors. We bought beef in a red sauce and chicken in a green sauce. They cost two dollars a piece which includes little containers of salsa. They are sold warm and ready to eat. Some home made re-fried beans were made; which I might add were fortified with some bacon love. (grease) These tamales were the bomb. The fresh masa that encompasses the filling is a warm comforting flavor and texture. There is a prevalent corn flavor that is seasoned and reinforced with lard.  The fillings were mild with hints of mild chili additions. These tamales are the real deal. Rodeo may be an evolving town but at least we have tamales.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


The Treasure Island Job Corps Fine Dining is such a special culinary treat that I was hesitant to share this meal with you.. I did not want to share for selfish reasons. For the small fee of 13 dollars one can dine on a three course gourmet meal prepared by students of the various culinary classes of the Treasure Island Job Corps. This will be our third visit and against better judgement we would like to share this experience. (Just keep it a secret please).

Ms. Goofy had the "Cream of Tomato Soup Served with a grilled cheese sandwich with basil oil" I opted for the;

Little Grm Lettuce salad With a balsamic mustard vinaigrette, pickled vegetables, apple, candid walnuts and blue cheese

Grilled Hanger Steak
with a Demi-GlaceServed with grilled seasonal vegetables and au gratin potatoes

Wild Mushroom Risotto
Assorted wild mushroom risotto drizzled with truffle oil and sunny side-up egg

Phyllo Vol au Vent

Flaky pastry cup encasing Diplomat custard crème, topped with glazed fresh fruits, berries, and garnish.

                                                  Bavarian Crème Duo

Two layers of tender vanilla bean and Mandarin orange custard, finished with a tart-sweet orange coulis, crème Chantilly, a chocolate run out, and served with a house made chocolate lace cookie

The meal is served with several beverage choices (no alcohol) which included the usual suspects and the most flavorful fruit smoothies. Before the dessert course a plate of candies that included the tuxedo chocolate covered strawberry above was fantastic. You can see now why I was hesitant in sharing. Oh my this meal was fantastic.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


We are starting our New Year with lunch at Clove & Hoof in Oakland California. This restaurant slash butcher shop serves quality meals with some fancy modern pedigree meat. We are no strangers to this butcher shop and wanted to take advantage of the break in Bay Area traffic because of the Holidays. Parking karma was in full force today possibly because the Great White Hunter was not here to jinx our luck. We parked right smack in front.

My fried  porkchop had Piment d'Espelette jam, arugula, bleu cheese mayo, and pickles on a potato pepper bun. Ms. Goofy had the Philly Cheesesteak which consisted of thinly sliced tender sirloin, onion confit, grilled and marinated mushrooms, matchstick cut turnips, mayo and warm beer cheese fondue on a hero roll. They both were fantastic. Clove and Hoof is our destination stop for a top notch meal.  What a great start to a New Year.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Let's start this year off with a rousing Happy New Year cheer. Happy New Year. I wanted to share a wonderful present that was under this year’s Christmas tree. It was an Original Kettle Premium Limited Edition Weber. In the past I have jested that some Christmas there would be a Big Green Egg under the tree. It did not happen this year but this may be even better. In reality I am deep down a Weber man for life and this bbq is my latest proud addition. It is so shiny red.

Weber calls this bbq a collector’s kettle. It does have many premium bells and whistles. There is a built in lid thermometer, plated steel hinged cooking grate, tuck away lid holder, lid handles with heat shields, removable high-capacity aluminum ash catcher, aluminized steel one-touch cleaning system, spring clip/push pin leg assembly, limited edition lid badge and a very bright red color. Most of these feature are not new and are available on other models. What this bbq does is combine all these features to create this premium Weber.

It was Christmas morning and I was giddy like a kid with a new train set. This unit had to be assembled. (You can buy them assembles at some box hardware chains). The assembly was simple if you read the instructions. Of course I did not and put a handle upside down and re-arranged the kettle legs so it would not roll properly. This was a simple fix and I have assembled my new pride and joy. All is left is a test run cook.

Like all new barbeques, I like to build a fire to season and burn out any factory nasty's.This was done and a rack of St. Lois cut ribs was the first test. I cooked them using an indirect heat for 3 1/2 hours. They turned out fantastic. This new Weber performed like a champion. It was a little frustrating to dirty my pristine red Weber but this is part of the cooking process.

I love my new Original Kettle Premium Limited Edition Weber. It has all the latest bells and whistles associated with Weber kettles. Is it perfect?. To me it almost is. I wish Weber would offer this as a standard model and not market it as ‘Premium’. Like most huge corporations, Weber has been criticized lately for declining quality with rising prices. This new kettle is premium and I personally hope this is an indicator of future Weber products to come.

Friday, December 29, 2017


I have added a new word to my vocabulary and it is; baconluxious. This chocolate bar according to the their label is; "Delicate maple sweetness, a sprinkle of bonfire smoked sea salt and crispy uncured bacon in milk chocolate". It is all that and more. This is really good. I can actually taste bacon. (I like this so much I will even give them a pass on using a non-term "uncured bacon".) 'Chuao brand chocolates has hit on all cylinders with its sweet maple flavored milk chocolate. This confection has a kiss of smoke and the most baconluxious addition of bacon. I am in bacon chocolate heaven.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


It took almost 25 years but my set in now complete. I am talking about my custom made kitchen knives made by Bob Kramer. Bob Kramer is a Master Bladesmith who is very respected by Chef's and knife enthusiasts worldwide. To obtain a knife by Bob is almost impossible and are coveted by many. I have been collecting his knives one at a time for a long time. I have been on his elite knife list for approximately 25 years. We met Bob and toured his facility when he was located in Seattle. This roasting fork will completed my set. Christmas arrived a weak early this year.

When I placed the order for this fork several years ago, I wanted it made in stainless steal. Bob has been making masterpieces in Damascus steel lately and decided to upgrade my order at no additional cost for my patience in waiting for this special order. What is Damascus steel you may ask? This is from Bob Kramers web site; "Bob's custom Damascus, also known as 'pattern welded steel', is the result of combining at least two different types of steel that harden and temper in the same range to achieve a desired aesthetic. Damascus has a  complex creation process and requires lots of time and concentration; it constantly allows me to tap into my creativity to produce a unique art piece that is also a high performance tool for your kitchen."

My roasting fork arrived last week as a sort of pre Christmas surprise. What a beauty. We gave it a test run yesterday using it to carve the Christmas Prime Rib Roast. It worked like a charm and was a beautiful tool to look at as an added bonus. Needless to say I am very happy to have a complete Bob Kramer knifes set. It was worth the wait.