Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, September 29, 2021



Who would of thunk to serve Mexican food at a bowling alley café? The Napa Bowl did at their Lane 33 Café. We found about about this hidden gem from a local news rag. (online; a virtual rag). We live fairly close and decided to give it a try.

  I have not been in a bowling alley in years. I have very fond memories of bowling as a youth. The first memory trigger was a distinct aroma of a bowling alley. It smells of lane oil, years of tobacco smoke and possibly dirty socks/shoes. The bowling alley was fairly crowded for a Tuesday at noon. The cafe is located at lane 33 in a separate room adjacent the lanes. They do have an entrance from the parking lot too.

The cafe is also a step back into a bygone era. A small counter with stool seats overlooking a flat top grill brings back memories of a fry cook slinging hash. The tables are old as so the décor but it is a comforting feeling. You order from the counter. They have burgers and sandwiches but they have been praised for the Mexican faire. I ordered chileverde with house made tortillas and Ms. Goofy a burritos with the pork filling.

The meal was served promptly. Paper plates and plastic utensils were offered for these very plain comforting dishes. Nothing about this dish sang praises to the Chileverde gods, but what it delivered was a comforting meal. Everything was well seasoned, The pork was very tender. The chile was mild and not real assertive. The house made tortillas was masa heaven. Bonus points are awarded for these soft corn pillows of joy.

   Lane 33 Cafe is a nice nostalgic cafe located in a fun location and if we ever decide to go bowling, we will definitely will return. 

Sunday, September 26, 2021



This sign teased me just like I am going to tease you. There was no pie sold by this food truck advertisement at the Mare Island Pedalfest. You could buy beer only from this truck. It was located at Mare Island California at a fun bike race we attended.

They actually did not even sell the beer at this truck because we were there before opening hours. The Pedalfest was held at the Mare Island Brewery. It is located in a repurposed Navel Shipyard. There was a lot of history at this location. There was a fun bike race but no beer or pie. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021



The 2021 Rodeo Chili and Car Show actually happened today. In these uncertain times public events have been few and subject to change hourly according to Government mandates. With that said; YAHOO we had a local event that our small little town is proud of. The bright shiny cars outnumbered the chili competitors by a huge margin. Sadly there were only three chili contestants today. That did not stop the local populace of Rodeo from dancing, drinking and having a good ole time. 

Food vendors with tasty treats and local crafts were for sale.  The weather was perfect. An added bonus was, we were in walking distance from our house. Who knows? Maybe next year we will break out our chili pots and enter this fun event. 

Sunday, September 12, 2021


Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry by developing the assembly line process for building his cars. A little interesting sidebar to this story is his selling of charcoal briquettes. Ford did not invent the charcoal briquette but was the first to mass produce and sell. He had a lot of leftover scrap wood/sawdust from his sawmill that made lumber for his Model T's. He found out adding tar and cornstarch to charcoal and pressed would make briquettes. Edward G Kingsford was a real estate agent who was related to Ford by marriage to a cousin Minnie. He ended up running Fords charcoal briquette plant. Fast forward 100 years and you may have a blue bag on your patio. 



Tuesday, September 7, 2021


I still love my hot sauces. Every month I get a shipment of 3 different hot sauces from "Heat Hot Sauce Company". Ms. Goofy gifted this to me at Christmas time. You can choose different heat levels in your shipment from mild to burn your face off. I do like heat but prefer the middle of the spectrum in the pain department. I love seeing the fun labels. These hot sauces come from all over the United States. Occasionally a foreign made sauce will even be included. Like most food creations you want a balance of flavors. It is nice to find a sauce with the right compliment of heat, sweet, and seasoning. I wonder what this month will bring?