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Wednesday, September 29, 2021



Who would of thunk to serve Mexican food at a bowling alley café? The Napa Bowl did at their Lane 33 Café. We found about about this hidden gem from a local news rag. (online; a virtual rag). We live fairly close and decided to give it a try.

  I have not been in a bowling alley in years. I have very fond memories of bowling as a youth. The first memory trigger was a distinct aroma of a bowling alley. It smells of lane oil, years of tobacco smoke and possibly dirty socks/shoes. The bowling alley was fairly crowded for a Tuesday at noon. The cafe is located at lane 33 in a separate room adjacent the lanes. They do have an entrance from the parking lot too.

The cafe is also a step back into a bygone era. A small counter with stool seats overlooking a flat top grill brings back memories of a fry cook slinging hash. The tables are old as so the décor but it is a comforting feeling. You order from the counter. They have burgers and sandwiches but they have been praised for the Mexican faire. I ordered chileverde with house made tortillas and Ms. Goofy a burritos with the pork filling.

The meal was served promptly. Paper plates and plastic utensils were offered for these very plain comforting dishes. Nothing about this dish sang praises to the Chileverde gods, but what it delivered was a comforting meal. Everything was well seasoned, The pork was very tender. The chile was mild and not real assertive. The house made tortillas was masa heaven. Bonus points are awarded for these soft corn pillows of joy.

   Lane 33 Cafe is a nice nostalgic cafe located in a fun location and if we ever decide to go bowling, we will definitely will return. 


Aaron said...

My favorite kind of food find- gas stations, the back of convenience stores, bowling alleys...

Chilebrown said...

For some reason I remember buying a pre-cooked hamburger at our local bowling alley. It cost 35. cents and they would reheat it in a toaster oven. This was the early 70's. Our meal today was a big improvement.

P.S. I actually remember enjoying the hamburger.