Chilebrown at home

Monday, March 25, 2024


Ms. Goofy knows what I like. She bought me a 25ounce bone-in New York strip Snake River Farms American Wagyu steak. The marbeling in this beef is fantastic. I actually was a little afraid to cook this very expensive hunk of beef. It was a little thin to use the reverse sear method. I just cooked it the way I know best. I built a two level fire. Charocals on one side for a direct sear and no charcoal on the other for indirect finishing on my trusty Weber grill. The grates are cast iron. I cranked up the heat to smokin hot fire. The steak was branded on both sides. Flames were jumping resulting from all that yummy fat hitting the coals. The steak was finished on the indirect side. I pulled it at 120 and let it rest for a very long 10 minutes. It was a perfect medium rare. Ms. Goofy knows what I like.


Monday, March 18, 2024



The Women's Auxillary of the Galileo Italian Club sponsored a Sunday brunch this Saint Patricks Day. These events are a great way to eat a whole lot of food. This particular picture shows the omelete station to the right and in the center is a combination of home made and store bought pastries. I partook of both stations.

There was an early visit from the Easter Bunny today. It was kind of fun to see young children getting excited to see an oversized bunny hopping around the club. This was a fun and tasty event.

Monday, March 11, 2024


Dinner and a show was on the menu tonight. We love going to our local playhouse and seeing plays. This weekend was one of my all time favorites; The Music Man. I was standing by as an understudy just in case one of the performers needed a break. I do know this musical word for word and song for song. We had a nice dinner beforehand. The picture is a little sub-par because the lighting was pretty dim. This stuffed pork chop was perfect.

They never called me up on stage but it still was a very enjoyable night.


Monday, March 4, 2024


 I got married on my birthday. It is convenient and I am guaranteed not to forget the date. We returned to Originial Joe's 'North Beach' in San Francisco to celebrate this occasion. My parking karma was in full swing evident by the metered parking spot right in front.

Pork chops & raviolis for me and short ribs for my bride that I married 31 years ago. Originial Joe's is not the most fancy restaurant in San Francisco but what they do, they do in style. Everything was delicous. Ms. Goofy ordered her favorite ooey gooey butter cake and I; gelato spumoni.

We had a blast. This was the perfect way to celebrate our special day. We understand they are opening a new Originial Joe's in Walnut Creek. We look forward to giving it a try.