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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Let's talk about what is hot besides the weather. The competition BBQ team named "Left Coast Q" has been on a hot streak". Yesterday they won their third 'Grand Champion' award in a row. This is an accomplishment that has the BBQ community agasp. We were there to witness this accomplishment and would like to share some images. We would also like to mention the third place winner Zack of the team 'Son of Smoke". This young man is an up and coming competitor that is in the running for "Rookie Team of the Year". He is on his way with this showing and we are pulling for him. Sit back and have a cold one while we share a couple of moments from the competition.

We also have to mention our good friend and fellow 'Kansas City Barbecue Society Certified BBQ Judge" Amby and her daughter Dani. They both were competing in the 'Backyard Division" under the team name 'QNQT'. They were victorious with a first place in Chicken. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the competition there were several hours to kill waiting for the award ceremonies. Most people searched for shade and liquid refreshment. This group had the right idea. Some 'Pickin and Grinnin' made for a cool time. 

We leave you today in the judges hall. Thanks for sharing our great hot day in Silicon Valley.A special thanks to Joe Sweeney the event organizer. Thanks also to the Santa Clara Rotary Club who extended the 'Red Carpet' for all that attended. What a day!!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013


"Welcome to The 2013 Silicon Valley BBQ Championships hosted by The Rotary Club of Santa Clara and the City of Santa Clara!"

This is a big event that promises to be a whole lot of fun. BBQ, music, and refreshments all to be enjoyed in the Silicon Valley. Ms. Goofy and I will be there proudly wearing our 'Master Judges Badges'. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The flavors of the Southwest shine with roasted pepper bliss in this green sauce. "Hatchanero' is a sauce that has roasted Hatch, jalapenos and habanero peppers. Roasting brings out the natural sweetness and flavors of vegetables. Take a look at our latest review by clicking the link below.

Monday, June 24, 2013


"Gotta Love it!

This was our theme for the weekend. We were in Oroville, California judging a 3-Meat BBQ competition at the Feather Falls Casino. This event was a spectacular way to usher in the official beginning of Summer. The weather could not of been nicer. Bright warm skies perfumed with the heavenly aroma of BBQ smoke was a  grand opening of the summer season. Feather Falls Casino will be hosting a 3 part competition and Saturday was the first of the series.This contest would feature chicken, ribs and tri-tip. There was an auxiliary category that featured a cut of pork called the "Tri-tip". This was an unfamiliar cut of pork cut to us. We were told that it is a cut of the pork shoulder. 

Here are some images of actual meats that we judged. We do not actually eat the entire amount though sometimes I try. We do take a healthy bite or two to sample each and every piece. This is a tough job but we are privileged and happy to undertake. After each bite we sometimes take a bite of cracker to cleanse our palate for the next sample. Parsley is usually included in the turn in box and eating this is another method to clear the palate. We score each piece of meat individually. We do not compare one entry versus another. This is what it is all about.

The public was ecstatic with barbeque fervor. The crowds swarmed from booth to booth sampling and trying the different bbq offerings. A band entertained us with classic rock tunes. There was a beer garden showcasing the micro-beers that were brewed on the premise. Luckily some misters blew refreshing mist to cool this hot and satisfied crowd.. We participated in the festivities. We still had a couple of hours to kill before the award ceremony. We left the event and went on two local Meat Adventures. More on that later.

Feather Falls Casino rolled out the red carpet for all that participated in this event. Our deluxe hotel room was a short walking distance from the festivities. The staff ran a shuttle to and from using the most crazy looking small deluxe cart. Being a passenger guaranteed to turn curious on lookers glances. Our driver gave us instructions on the "Beauty Pageant Wave". We had so much fun in our little limousine we took a couple of laps just for kicks.

It was time for the awards. We ushered into a refreshing air-conditioned banquet room. The cookers looked relieved and tired from their day long competition adventure.The names were read, pictures were taken and applause rang throughout the hall. The team of "Starvin Marvins' were victorious and took the title of Grand Champions". What a day, but it was not over.

Elvin Bishop was the headlining music group for our entertainment. This was a special treat for us aging 'Rockers". It was held in a beautiful venue housed in the Feather Falls Microbrewery. Needless to say plenty of great home brewed ice cold beverages were involved. This was the icing on the cake to a beautiful day. Feather Falls Casino will be sponsoring two more contests later this summer. Feather Falls is our new favorite BBQ competition venue. You know we will be there.

Feather Falls Casino

Friday, June 21, 2013


Angelo Ibierto of 'Angelo;s Meats; gave me a seasoned pig jowel that needed to be  hung in a cool dry place for at least three weeks. This would cure and transform it into some beautiful Italian bacon called guanciale. For three long weeks my fingers were crossed that Ms. Goofy would not discover my not so secret meat project. Ms. Goofy was a good sport and pretended to not know about this adventure. The weeks have passed and it is time to unveil our guanciale. My 'Bro-in-law' John was visiting so I had moral support to reveal the meat in the closet. The bacon was unveiled and Ms. Goofy hit the roof. "You put that raw meat next to my coat?" Luckily John stepped in and calmed the situation. My only hope of redemption was to create a memorable meal from this beautiful piece of cured pig cheek. 'Bucatini all'Amatriciana' please save me.

Bucatini all'Amatriciana is a simple pasta dish made with the guanciale as a rich and decadent flavoring component. It basically is a tomato gravy that is simmered for a short time with our guanciale. We cubed the meat and fried it in a non stick pan. Onions, garlic were added and cooked briefly. Diced tomato's, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper were next and a 15 minute simmer followed. Cooked pasta was added to our gravy. This was all dusted with Parmesan cheese. It was time to ask for redemption.

The 'Bucatini all'Amatriciana' was so very decadent. The cure left an Italian style flavor to the meat. The fat that rendered and the fat that remained with the meat cubes was rich and flavorful. You  bite into a cube of guanciale and the rich flavorful pork love melts into your mouth while you swoon to the Italian love song of flavor. The tomato gravy is perfumed with guanicale throughout. This is and was a pasta dish to remember.

Thankyou Anglo for this meat experience. It is not every day we have a pig jowel hanging in our closet. Guancaile is a rich and flavorful Italian bacon. It was a treat. It was also a flavor that was unique and needs to be experienced. I am pretty sure Angelo will sell you some guanciale that has already been cured. That would not be as fun would it?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This weekend a BBQ contest will take place that should not be missed. Competition barbeque teams will be cooking chicken, ribs and tri-tip all in hopes of winning the coveted title of Grand Champion. The public is invited to sample mouth watering, award winning barbeque. This event promises to be so much more than just a cook-off. It will be held at the Feather Falls Casino in Orville, California. After you have had your fill of great BBQ there is a casino with plenty of opportunities to make your fortune. An in house microbrewery will provide plenty of fresh, tasty and cold beers. Later in the evening, Elvin Bishop will perform. This is going to be fun. We hope to see you there.

Feather Falls Casino
#3 Alverda Drive,
Oroville, CA 95966
(530) 533-3885,

Monday, June 17, 2013


Yes you heard correctly; 'Bacon Avocado". We have come across this special fruit several times at local farmers market. Is this some Monsanto freak fruit? It does sound intriguing. Is it possible we will not have to cook bacon for our guacamole? There is one way to find out. We purchased several rock hard bacon avocados from the market. I asked the farmer:'Does it taste like bacon?'.She replied, No, It is a strain of avocado that was developed by James Bacon. That pretty much burst my bubble. Let's give them a try anywhoo.

It took 5 days in a paper bag to soften these green globes. When ripened the outer skin is still green not like the Hass variety which turns black. The inner flesh is a light green with a larger pit than  the Hass. We keep referring to the Hass because everybody is familiar with them. The flavor is buttery and creamy. I would say the flavor is slightly sweeter than the Haas. Overall this is a very tasty avocado. I am a little relieved it does not taste like bacon. It was fun and tasty to give them a try.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


It's purr-fectly good"

Caramelized onions is the star of this show. Pequin peppers adds a gentle heat to warm your soul. This savory hot sauce is perfect match for chicken dishes. Ms. Goofy claims to have made chicken wings for the "Wing Hall of Fame'. Read all about 'Fat Cat Purry Purry' sauce by clicking the link below.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Carroll Shelby of “A.C. Cobra and Ford Mustang’, fame had another passion besides racing. He was a world class chili competitor. He is one of the original founders of the “Texas Terlingua World Chili Championship” competition. In 1972 he cashed in on his fame and created “Original Texas Brand Chili Mix”. This recipe was based on his award winning chili. In 1986 Carroll Shelby sold his brand to Reily Foods. It has been rumored that the recipe has changed since. This chili mix has been around for a long time and I have never tried it. Lately there has been a buzz surrounding this mix and it was time to give it a try.

A trip to our local Wally-Mart found our chili kit.. The packaging of this chili kit blended in with the multitude of other chili mixes on the shelf. It was kind of embarrassing and I probably will have to burn my “Man Card” but I had to ask a clerk for directions. I took a glance at the box labeling and instructions.. The expiration date on this box was dated January 22, 2015. This raised a flag because I believe all chili spices should be as fresh as possible.How old was this box? The kit also claimed it was ‘All Natural’ and gluten free. The chili making process seemed very simple and fast. Thirty five minutes will be the fastest chili I have ever made.Other ingredients that are needed were water, tomato sauce and two pounds of meat. The cost of this mix was unbelievably cheap; $2.99.
    I am the first to admit that following instructions can be a challenge. We wanted to experience this chili the way it was meant to taste so we will comply with all directions. The mix does give options of salt, corn flour and cayenne pepper each wrapped in separate pouches. The amount of cayenne is barely  ¼ teaspoon. This is an amount that Ms. Goofy puts on her corn flake in the morning.. The salt package is approximately two teaspoons. This is not an excessive amount but if you are watching your salt intake it is nice to have that option. The corn flour is to be used as a thickener and will add a flavor component. We used about half of the masa (corn flour) to change the chili texture from soupy to thick and hearty. The meat was browned and the main spice package, salt, and cayenne were added. I tasted the main spice package. It was sweet. I also tasted cumin, salt, and chili powder. Water and tomato sauce were added for a 15 minute simmer. Cooked black beans were added for 5 more minutes. A slurry of the masa flour and water was added to finish.

Our chili was served over rice. “Drum roll please!” This was a good looking bowl of red. Ms. Goofy loved it. She said it was well balanced and had a lot of chili flavor. I thought if was very decent and enjoyed it. Was it award winning chili? No, but it made for a hearty satisfying dinner. In my opinion the actual chili flavor was lacking. I want to taste chile and all of its glorious flavor and heat. The mix of chili, cumin and sugar was on the sweet side. The spice packets use no preservatives (good thing) and I am wondering about freshness and shelf life. The optional cayenne heat was barely noticeable. This was the fastest chili I have ever made. Overall Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit is a convenient, quick, decent tasting way to make chili.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


“Candystrike Emporium” candy shop in ‘Hangtown’ California sells fudge called:’The Chuckwagon Surprise”. This is one of their 44 different and unique flavored fudges. The ingredients are bacon, Spam and beer. Ms. Goofy was shopping in the Candystrike and thought I might enjoy this unique flavored chocolate treat. As some of you may know, I love bacon. Is this the Motherlode of bacon flavored fudge? Grab a spoon and let’s give it a try.

Chocolaty delight with a bacon crunch is the short story. Ms. Goofy claims she can taste the beer flavor. I am wondering about the Spam. If I did not know beer and Spam were two ingredients I would have never guessed. This is high quality, rich, creamy, dark chocolate; melt in your mouth and hand, sweet confection that bring a smile to your face. The bacon dispersed through this treat is just a bonus. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candystike Emporium

Sunday, June 9, 2013


We are sampling and reviewing a salsa that is not from N.Y. City. Pyropete's Ultimate Salsa is from the area of St. Lois. This is a mild all-purpose sauce that can be used for many food applications. If you would like to learn more about Pyropete please click the link below.

Friday, June 7, 2013


 We were on a mini Meat Adventure to Willowsde Meats when this behemoth T-bone steak called my name. It is three pounds large and is dry aged. Normally the rib-eye is our steak of choice but the beauty of this steak won our hearts.. The T-bone is basically two steaks in one. You get a nice size sirloin cut of meat with a bonus filet attached. The filet on this steak was of mammoth proportions. Willowside Meats has always delivered great meats and this was a no-brainer purchase. A steak this large can be a little tricky to cook and today we are going to guide you through its journey on the grill.

An hour before cooking we unwrapped the steak and wiped off any excess moisture with a paper towel. The seasoning will be a simple dusting of kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper. It is time to prep the grill. We are using a Weber kettle grill that has a cast iron grate for its cooking surface. We filled a chimney starter full of mesquite charcoal to lite. Once the fire was sparking and lit it was poured over 1/2 of the kettle bottom. The hot coals were placed on one side only to create two different heat zones. The grate was scrapped clean of crud and oiled with a rag dipped in vegetable oil. The grate was heated to a sizzling hot temperature. The steak was place directly on the side of the grate with the lit coals. The steak was cooked for 8 minutes on the first side, turning steak a quarter turn (to create grill marks) , and then flipped over on the other side for an additional 8 minutes. If there are any flair ups place kettle lid to on to damper flames. After the 16 minutes the steak was moved to the side of the grate without the lit charcoals. It was cooked for 10 more minutes with the kettle lid on. The steak was checked for desired doneness. We pulled our steak when the thermometer had reached 120-125 degrees. It was brought into the house and allowed to rest for 10 very long minutes.

It is very important to be attentive while cooking a steak this large. Not paying attention can be the difference between success and beef jerky. Your cooking times will vary depending on size of steak, type of barbeque and heat of fire. This hunk of meat was an investment of time and money. The returns are stellar. If you could only see the smiles on our faces enjoying this steak. This was one beefy treat.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


“Epicmealtime’ and ‘J&D Foods’ have collaborated to create the ultimate bacon flavored spread. ‘J&D Foods’ are no strangers to bacon products and are the creators of bacon salt and Baconnaise. We here at the Mad Meat Genius camp are fans of Baconnaise. We felt obligated and curious to give this new product a try. Epicmeatime has a philosophy that is refreshing and honest. This statement by Epicmeatime may shock some of the correctness police: “In a time when society has put an emphasis on health and diet, we are the ones that have chosen to rebel. We cook the greasiest of grease, the sloppiest of slop and always leave room for more bacon.”

The top of the jar is removed and a pleasant mayonnaise odor greets your sinus receptors. I smell a faint odor of smoke. A finger (clean) is dipped into the test jar and placed into my awaiting open kisser. The texture is smooth and melts with flavored mayonnaise comfort. Here is the million dollar question. Does it taste like bacon? The answer is; Yes. It is a subtle flavor that does not overpower. The slight smoky component is a treat to the tongue. This is quality mayonnaise that has been kissed with glorious bacon flavor.  I can think of endless food applications for this spread.

A Chilebrown favorite, bacon avocado sandwich will be our test vehicle for our spread. Some bacon from Freedom Meat Lockers will take a trip to the black iron for our sandwich. The bacon flavored spread was mixed with mashed avocado. A jalapeno roll will cradle our bacon flavored filling. This sandwich was a creamy, bacon crunchy, satisfying treat. Was it overkill using so many bacon flavors? I say, absolutely not. I may not agree entirely with Epicmeatime’s statement but this is some darn tootin good bacon flavored spread.