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Monday, June 24, 2013


"Gotta Love it!

This was our theme for the weekend. We were in Oroville, California judging a 3-Meat BBQ competition at the Feather Falls Casino. This event was a spectacular way to usher in the official beginning of Summer. The weather could not of been nicer. Bright warm skies perfumed with the heavenly aroma of BBQ smoke was a  grand opening of the summer season. Feather Falls Casino will be hosting a 3 part competition and Saturday was the first of the series.This contest would feature chicken, ribs and tri-tip. There was an auxiliary category that featured a cut of pork called the "Tri-tip". This was an unfamiliar cut of pork cut to us. We were told that it is a cut of the pork shoulder. 

Here are some images of actual meats that we judged. We do not actually eat the entire amount though sometimes I try. We do take a healthy bite or two to sample each and every piece. This is a tough job but we are privileged and happy to undertake. After each bite we sometimes take a bite of cracker to cleanse our palate for the next sample. Parsley is usually included in the turn in box and eating this is another method to clear the palate. We score each piece of meat individually. We do not compare one entry versus another. This is what it is all about.

The public was ecstatic with barbeque fervor. The crowds swarmed from booth to booth sampling and trying the different bbq offerings. A band entertained us with classic rock tunes. There was a beer garden showcasing the micro-beers that were brewed on the premise. Luckily some misters blew refreshing mist to cool this hot and satisfied crowd.. We participated in the festivities. We still had a couple of hours to kill before the award ceremony. We left the event and went on two local Meat Adventures. More on that later.

Feather Falls Casino rolled out the red carpet for all that participated in this event. Our deluxe hotel room was a short walking distance from the festivities. The staff ran a shuttle to and from using the most crazy looking small deluxe cart. Being a passenger guaranteed to turn curious on lookers glances. Our driver gave us instructions on the "Beauty Pageant Wave". We had so much fun in our little limousine we took a couple of laps just for kicks.

It was time for the awards. We ushered into a refreshing air-conditioned banquet room. The cookers looked relieved and tired from their day long competition adventure.The names were read, pictures were taken and applause rang throughout the hall. The team of "Starvin Marvins' were victorious and took the title of Grand Champions". What a day, but it was not over.

Elvin Bishop was the headlining music group for our entertainment. This was a special treat for us aging 'Rockers". It was held in a beautiful venue housed in the Feather Falls Microbrewery. Needless to say plenty of great home brewed ice cold beverages were involved. This was the icing on the cake to a beautiful day. Feather Falls Casino will be sponsoring two more contests later this summer. Feather Falls is our new favorite BBQ competition venue. You know we will be there.

Feather Falls Casino


Ms Goofy said...

Thank you to Scott Gomes and Tracy Allen for making this a great event for us all. Had a blast!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Looks like fun was had by all...

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, We have another contest this weekend. Summertime Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Our next showdown is this weekend. Going to be cold and rainy though...

Greg said...

A meat marathon! Got to love it sums it up.