Chilebrown at home

Monday, April 24, 2023


Google was my concierge to find George & Violets in Springfield Oregon. I was attending the Oregon Knife Show and wanted to have a steak for dinner. A quick search and George & Violets seemed the best fit to my liking. I was not disappointed. The steak was decent, but what really was memorable was the salad. Yes, you read correctly. This salad consisted of tubes of romaine dressed with a creamy, chunky blue cheese salad. It had crispy bacon, tomato and water melon radishes as garnish. It arrived at the table as a magazine photo shoot candidate. This salad was rich with creamy blue cheese dressing. Bacon was the added bonus. I still am a little perplexed on my excitement from a salad.


Monday, April 17, 2023



This weekend I was at the Eugene Farmers Market. This vendor claimed her pecan pie was healthy. I never did find out why it was healthy because I ate it in a couple of bites.

Monday, April 10, 2023



We enjoyed Original Joe’s of North beach so much we wanted to try Original Joe’s at Westlake. It was Tuesday night and they were packed. We did get seated 20 minutes after our reservation time but it was worth the wait. Original Joe’s serves Italian comfort food with pizazz. We had our favorites of Porterhouse pork chops, Golden fried prawns (w/cocktail sauce that lit a fire with horseradish), spaghetti, house made ravioli and the most decadent desserts. Ms. Goofy probably came just for ‘Joe’s warm butter cake’. I loved the gelato spumoni (house blend of pistachio, vanilla and chocolate gelato,dried cherries, brandy-soaked raisins, almonds). This was a fantastic birthday celebration.

P.S. The crumbsweeper was not present do to the absence of table linens.

Monday, April 3, 2023



I have never been to a fish fry till now. I have heard about them and seen plenty on the television. I guess it is a generational and regional event that almost passed me by. The local Catholic church has had this event every year minus a couple of covid years. We have heard good things and wanted to explore this culinary gathering for ourselves.

This was an all you can eat event. You paid 25 dollars and were handed a paper plate. You handed the empty plate to some friendly church ladies and they piled the fish, fries, cole slaw, role and accompaniments. It was a huge plate. Everything tasted fine and we were satisfied. The youth of the church came and cleared your plate and offered you ice cream bars. It does not get any better. We hope to return next. year.