Chilebrown at home

Sunday, June 16, 2024


Marcus Samuelsson is a Ethiopian born Swedish-American celebrtiy chef. He owns Marcus Bar & Grill in Atlanta Georgia and I paid them a visit. Parking Karma was present because I parked right out in front. It was early and I understand it can get crowded. The do have valet parking available. I walked in and was seated immediately. The first thing you notice is an entire wall covered with roller skates. This looks like a fun place.

The open kitchen showcases a live fire grill. This sealed the deal for me to order a N.Y. strip steak. I accompained that with some cornbread, asparagus and mac & cheese. I was on vacation and diet was not on my menu. (it never is)

The steak was served with two sauces and also covered with melted butter. The steak was decent but did not impress. The mac & cheese was very filling, cheesy and just what you expect. The asparagus was limp & stringy. This California boy is very spoiled and particular about asparagus. The dessert of peach cobbler was ordered. It was warm and comforting.

I got the bill and it was on par with California prices. I would like to mention that Atlanta is a cashless society. You were required to pay by credit card in almost all aspects of transactions. I enjoyed my dinner at Marcus Bar & Grill. I was not wowed or overly impressed. I am glad to have experienced my visit. I have more food adventures to discover in Atlanta.


Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 Atlanta Georgia has been my home for this weekend. It was mandatory to try some local bbq. Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q has numerous locations and I visited the original location on DeKalb Av. This was a tree shaded fun looking place with indoor and outdoor seatimg. There was lots of mandatory bbq kistsh adorning the inside walls.

There were four housemade sauces to choose from. They all were decent but the white sauce really had me giggling with glee. It was the perfect sauce to annoint my deep fried pork ribs. The sauce was mayonnaise foward with just the right ammount of cayenne. I was in deep fried rib heaven. These ribs and sauce would be my last meal request if I was on death row for commiting the crime of guilty pleasures.

The rest of the meal was a very good offering of bbq. The sides and cornbread was unremarkable along with decent ribs and brisket. I may have been still relishing my deep fried experience to not appreciate them more.

I still had room for chocolate/caramel cheesecake. It was the perfect way to end my visit at an Atlanta bbq destination.

Monday, June 3, 2024



The Tour de France begins next month and I am ready. My friend from England sent me this official race guide. For some unknown reason this guide is not sold in the United States. I am preparing for 21 days of racing and snacks. Stay tuned.