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Saturday, November 30, 2013


I love turkey sandwiches!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Do you remember that first kiss? I can remember my first experience with hot sauce and it was with ‘El Yucateco’. It was 30 years ago in Berkeley California at the ‘Santa Fe Bar & Grill’. A young Mark Miller was the chef. We bravely ordered grilled beef hearts. This tasty dish was served with ‘El Yucateco’ sauce as an accompaniment. We loved the heat and the flavor of the sauce more than the beef hearts. The seed has been planted. After this encounter, I have used El Yucateco on almost everything.  The hot sauce industry has flourished and grown over the years. I may have strayed to sample and use other sauces. Sometimes we take for granted our roots. Today we will return to an old favorite ‘El Yucateco Chile Habanero’.


Water, habanero peppers, salt, acetic ac., spices, xanthan gum, citric ac, onion powder, sodium benzoate, as a preservative, FD&C yellow no5 , calcium disodium edta, and FD&C blue no1 are the listed ingredients.

Aroma & Texture:

This is a familiar odor that brings back memories. It is an odor of habanero mash distinctly to El Yucateco. It is a thick puree that pours freely from the bottle.  No seeds are present. The color is of a bright green that almost glows. This color is not natural but created by dyes. The color is unique and an El Yucateco signature.


This flavor is the nectar and sting of the habanero pepper. How can I describe this staple of thousands of restaurants and home pantries? This sauce does have the electricity and bite of the habanero pepper. The habanero flavor prevails but in the background onions are present. This sauce tastes vibrant, fresh and familiar. The heat shouts the beautiful habanero song of fire..


The habanero sting elevates its playful fire to raise the heat meter to 3 stars out of 5


I have been known to use El Yucateco on almost everything that is edible. Today a special corn dog from a local ‘Carniciera’, bacon & guacamole sandwich and a burger will receive the El Yucateco treatment.
  This corn dog was made at a specialty butcher. It is an all beef hot dog that is encrusted in a corn meal crust. This corn dog was very tasty. With El Yucateco my senses were awaken with pepper fire and habanero flavor. I kept adding more sauce. Was I eating a corn dog or just the sauce?
  Guacamole is perfect for El Yucateco. I do not consider avocado boring but with the addition of El Yucateco, bacon, mayo and a great roll, we have a fiery sandwich that pleases and teases the senses.
  The basic burger became the habanero delight burger with the addition of our sauce. This burger would make J. Wellington Wimpy ask for a hamburger today. (I will gladly pay you Tuesday).


El Yucateco Habanero Chile is a hot sauce that has been around for a long time. It is a staple at many restaurants. I always keep a bottle in my refrigerator. There is a reason for this. El Yucateco Habanero Chile is a great hot sauce. It is hot and is tasty with habanero flavor. There is nothing fancy about it. It is what we love. It goes great with everything. El Yucateco has many other flavors that we would like to share with you in the future.

El Yucateco hot sauces can be bought almost everywhere

Monday, November 25, 2013


The Ferry Plaza in San Francisco is the ultimate foodie paradise. Browsing the many farm stands and shopping at the numerous food purveyors is always an inspiration. 'Rancho Gordo' was our motivation for dinner tonight. Rancho Gordo specializes in dried heirloom beans. So many colors and unique strains of the all tasty legumes are available. They even have several hot sauces to sweeten this deal. Some fresh made corn tortillas made with heirloom corn caught our eye. La Paloma hot sauce, a house salsa would also be added to the cart. The obvious meal to us would be tacos.

A quick stop at our local 'Carniceria' provided some thinly sliced beef that will be perfect for the barbeque. The meal will be simple. Onions, meat and tortillas will all be kissed with hot mesquite fire. This combination will be assembled and slathered with our hot sauce The meat was seasoned with spices. The grill was oiled. The cooking time was short. It was time to eat.

The La Paloma hot sauce was a very mild and tasty sauce. This sauce was made with mild ripe New Mexican chile's. It was perfect for our tacos. The tortillas had a wonderful nutty corn flavor. A trip to the Ferry Plaza was our inspiration for a simple, easy, and so very tasty taco dinner. This is how we roll.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Ms. Goofy and I are both retired from our career jobs at the salt mines. We have plenty of free time for leisure activities and especially for 'Meat Adventures'. The Racing Honda has been screaming on all cylinders lately. Our latest adventure brought us to El Salchiero. This meat emporium has  wonderfully different flavored quality bacon. Our latest acquisition is a honey habanero bacon. This combination definitely caught my eye. On the way home, Ms. Goofy had her pedal to the metal, so we could taste our new bacon.

Our trusty black iron pan was emitting a sweet aroma of honey while these rashers cooked. These slices were very meaty. There was a huge sugar/honey content because the bacon began to color and caramelize immediately. We turned the heat to low to not scorch our prize. Bacon avocado sandwiches on a jalapeno cheese roll would be our tasting vehicle. This bacon was sourced by superior quality pigs demonstrated by the flavor of the meat. The meat had a slightly mild beefy type flavor. The habanoeo flavor was present and gave this bacon a very pleasant pepper bite. The sweetness tamed the flame to make this one of the most unique and flavorful bacon ever. What a treat. Till the next Meat Adventure.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


It is Christmas in November at the Chilebrown household. A brand new 14.5 Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker was delivered to our doorstep by the UPS man. I do feel like a kid on Christmas day. I have that tingling nostalgic like feeling that comes from opening and playing with that new toy. This is no toy but the newest model of a smoker created by the Weber corporation. The Smokey Mountain Cooker is a popular smoker that is used by competitors and serious backyard cookers. They come in various sizes and this 14.5 inch grate size is the smallest. The smaller size makes is portable and will use less fuel (charcoal) than the larger models. This 2014 model was only released weeks ago and I was one of the first in line to purchase one. Let's unwrap this barbeque and get cookin.

This new model has some nice new features. There is a built in thermometer to monitor proper cooking temperatures. There is a nice portal located on the side to insert thermometer probes. The image with the chair shows my thermometer which is monitoring the internal temperature of the pork roast. There is a metal shield on the bottom of the cooker for heat efficiency. Other wise this is the same cooker as its bigger brothers. This model is the perfect size to cook smaller amounts of food with less fuel.

We built an initial fire to set the paint and burn off any possible contaminants. Our second fire would cook some chicken and Romanesco cauliflower. We also had a casserole of potatoes, onions and bacon positioned underneath our chicken to be smoked and capture the dripping chicken love. We used some peach wood for our smoke. We only needed two full chimneys of charcoal and two cubes of smoking wood. Our little cooker worked like a charm. It bellowed out plumes of smoke. It was the little engine that could sitting next to its larger brothers. Our cooking time was an hour and one half. We were rewarded with tender, juicy smoked chicken. What a treat!

A prime pork roast from U.C. Davis Meat Labs was our next cook. Hickory wood was our flavor tonight. Once again our new cooker did its magic. We are proud to announce a new addition to the Chilebrown arsenal of smokers. What should we cook next?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Sometimes it is a gamble to eat and enjoy bbq that you have not prepared yourself. Today we will roll the dice literally at the brand new 'Graton Resort & Casino' in Rohnert Park California. Indian casinos are popping up faster than I can eat a side of ribs. This is the latest and largest casino to date. Gambling is not on my large list of vices but bbq is. "Roadside BBQ' is located in this fancy new gambling den. It is located in a food court in the casino. Food Court? Is this a red flag of our meal to come? We rolled the dice and would like to share our winnings with you.

What can you say about a food court? Going to the mall for a meal is foreign territory for me. Roadside BBQ has several other locations and this will be their latest. While you are pondering the menu you can watch the numerous servers prepare your meal. This was the second week of their grand opening and the meal assembly process looked clumsy and inefficient. We noticed several people returning with mistakes to their order. We slowly received our food with no hitches because of my astute attention behind the sneeze guard.

We found a table in this busy food court. Our plates looked a little tired from possibly sitting under the heat lamps.Chicken & pulled pork for Ms. Goofy and brisket & ribs for me. We both agreed that all our meats had really good smoke flavor. Ms. Goofy loved her moist and flavorful chicken. Her pulled pork had seen better days. The accompanied sauce came in a little plastic tub. It could of come out of a "K.C. Masterpiece" bottle. It was sweet and unmemorable. Ms. Goofy is a mac & cheese aficionado. After trying this glob of cheese glue pasta she almost began to cry with sadness. My ribs, cooked to perfection, smokey, and well seasoned were cold. I still cannot figure this one out because of their location under a heat lamp. The brisket was  very thinly sliced and okay. The beans had come straight out of a can. I did like the vinegary cole slaw. It was refreshing in this meal of mediocrity.

The verdict is: do not gamble on an empty stomach. Roadside BBQ located in a casino food court, is an okay place to have lunch. It has its problems that will possibly work out with time. This place is set up to serve a lot of people. The meats were decent but not award winning. This is not a destination restaurant but if I am donating to the casino I would not hesitate to grab a bite to eat.

Graton Resort & Casino

Sunday, November 17, 2013


They do not call me Chilebrown for nothing. I love discovering new hot sauces and peppers. We were at the Ferry Plaza's Farmers Market and visited our old friend Leah. She always is an inspiration in all things pepper. A customer brought her some seeds from Vietnam, which she planted. The middle bin, top and bottom are those harvested peppers. The top bin with the orange peppers is hot and the bottom with the red is sweet. I had to give them a try.

Leah said these peppers are strains of the chinense variety. This variety is famous for the very hot habanero pepper. We cut into them for a taste test. We tried the sweet pepper first. There was no heat at all. The flavor was very mild and fairly bland with pepper flavor. I would rate this as an ornamental type pepper. The hot was next. This had a pleasant heat level of 2 stars out of 5. It did have the faint characteristic flavor of a habanero. That being a fruity, floral type flavor but with not the habanero bite. These peppers would be good in  a salsa or to spice up any dish. I think I will save some seeds from the hot pepper and try to grow them.

Friday, November 15, 2013


It was bound to happen. Bacon deodorant is a new item that has a welcome place in my arsenal of personnel hygiene items. Yes, it does smell like bacon. I would like to share what is said about the product with the accompanied literature.

"Using PowerBacon will probably make everyone drawn to you like you were the most powerful magnet on Earth And by everyone, we mean friends, acquaintances, beautiful strangers, dogs, bears, swamp alligators , lions and even pigs. Use your new power wisely because with great bacon power comes great baconsiblility."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We are having fun trying the products of ‘Culinary Twist’ Today we are sampling a barbeque sauce called; ‘Texan Chipotle Maple BBQ Sauce’. Just reading the colorful label sounds tasty before we have even popped the top. The combination of chipotle peppers and maple syrup is the perfect match of bbq flavors. If our last experience with ‘Baja Sauce’ is any indicator of quality we should have a great meal. This sauce is all natural, fat free and blends honey, maple syrup and chipotle peppers for a robust flavor. Our vehicle to sample this sauce  will be some meaty beef ribs. I love beef ribs and cannot wait till dinner.


Tomato puree (Tomato paste, water) sugar, water, apple cider vinegar, honey molasses, sea salt, brown sugar, maples syrup, corn starch, dried chipotle peppers, spices hot sauce ( peppers, distilled vinegar, salt xanthan gum) onion powder, natural honey flavor, garlic powder, natural smoke flavor, organic chili powder, caramel color, natural maple flavor, dried orange peel are the listed ingredients.

Aroma & Texture;

The top is opened and a fairly traditional smell greets your sinuses. I smell vinegar, molasses and tomatos. There is also a faint aroma of smoke. This is a thick, dark red puree. No seeds are present.


This sauce has a great chipotle flavor. Texan has a smoky jalapeno flavor. This is a mild sauce by all means but has a flavor blast from the peppers. The combination of maple syrup, honey and molasses keep the heat in check with good balance. This has all the components of a traditional smoky bbq sauce. The garlic and onions with the spices are in the background to enhance and compliment. This should be a good sauce for our beef ribs.


This is a mild sauce with the heat meter tipping to one star out of five.


Smoked beef ribs on a covered grill will be our tasting vehicle. Our ribs were smoked for two hours, wrapped in foil and cooked for an additional hour. They were cut and slathered with our sauce. They were returned to the smoker for several minutes to set the sauce.
  I took several bites and started to sing the praises of contentment. My oh My was I in beef rib heaven. Sweet, Sticky, Smoky, Savory, Succulent, Sensational, Sinful, Satisfying, Sexy, are several describing terms. This is a traditional smoky sweet sauce that is the essence of traditional bbq. This flavor is what we all love.


‘Texan Chipotle Maple BBQ Sauce from ‘Culinary Twist’ is another fantastic product. Do you want incredible tasting beef ribs? This sauce is a must have component for that traditional sweet, smoky barbeque dinner. We were very pleased with this sauce and highly recommend it to you.

Culinary Twist

Monday, November 11, 2013


Chris Cosentino; celebrity chef, salumi producer, hot sauce maker, bicycle racer and now comic book writer. Chris Cosentino has teamed up with Marvel Comics and wrote his first comic book. Yours truly has obtained a first edition autographed copy.
 Our story begins at “The Annual Urban Outlaw Cycle-Cross Cross-Dress Bike Race’. Two dead bodies have been run over by the ‘Cross Dress” racers. These bodies are not only dead but have been butchered literally. The police have no choice but to bring in celebrity chef Chris Cosentino to help identify the butcher/murderer. Chris and ‘Super Hero Wolverine” team up to solve this crime. The story goes on from this morbid but colorful beginning.
  I have not read comics since my ‘R. Crumb’ underground comic days. This was a fun read that was a little dark but humorous. Meat and comics are a great mix. Chris Cosentino you are a ‘Super Hero’ in my book.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Quick and easy are frozen pot pies. These are not the pies you may remember from your youth. These frozen pot pies are healthy, all natural and have no preservatives so says the website. We have been on a pot pie roll and wanted to give them a try. We found these pies at the Rockridge Farmers Market. They sure were yummy for being so healthy.

Pot Pie Paradise

Thursday, November 7, 2013


We at the 'Friday Richmond Farmers Market' are proud to announce the presence of a new vendor; Cobblestone Bakery. Each Friday they will bring freshly baked goods for your pleasure. I can personally vouch for they yummy factor of the cannolis, bear claws and chocolate chip cookies. They sell the most amazing pretzel rolls not to mention a selection of pies. Cobblestone Bakery is a welcome addition to our market.

Friday Richmond Farmers Market
Fridays 8-3
24th & Barrett Ave.
Richmond, Ca.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Have you ever wished for a product that infuses smoke to your meat with no fuss or muss. Mojobricks is a clean and easy way to impart  beautiful smoke flavor to your bbq cook. A bbq competitor was hawking Mojobricks at a previous event. The price was right and I was curious. These are small cubes of compressed wood that you place over a heat source. They smolder and do their magic. Different flavors are available such as; red oak, cherry, maple and hickory. We purchased the hickory cubes. We will experiment with some beef ribs today.

We are smoking our ribs in a covered Weber kettle. We built a charcoal fire consisting of 30 lit coals. The glowing coals were placed on one side of the grill. We closed the bottom & top vents to a pencil width. The  Mojobrick was placed on top of the lit coals and the grill was positioned. The rack of ribs was placed on the grill away from the coals. The cover was put into place.

   The Mojobrick began to smolder almost immediately. We smelled the beautiful intoxicating perfume of hickory. The Mojobrick lasted for over an hour. The image above is the rack after two hours. You can see all the beautiful smoke color. We wrapped our ribs to finish the cook. These were some delicious smoky ribs. They were not overpowered with smoke but the ribs did have wonderful hickory flavor.
Mojobricks is a clean, easy way to impart smoke flavor to your bbq. What fun we have experimenting


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Baseball, hot dogs and beer are America's favorite pastimes. The World Series is over and it was a fun ride. Over the years I have consumed many of the later two favorites. As a kid I loved hot dogs. My tastes have evolved and hot dogs have taken a back seat in my passions until now. 'Los Gatos Meats and Smokehouse' makes a 'Jalapeno Cheese Dog'. I was in the neighborhood and the butcher gave his recommendation. I may have been his easiest customer of the day.

These dogs are made with beef and pork. They will be cooked briefly over a hot charcoal fire. You need to be careful to not overcook these frankfurters because if they burst the cheese will melt out into the fire. While they were cooking you could see little pockets of cheese oozing and waiting to erupt. We served these special dogs on a toasted pretzel roll and accompanied it with some zesty mustard.

These dogs had a welcome snap to their bite. There was plenty of cheese in these fancy dogs. In fact you had to be careful biting into the dogs right off the grill because the cheese pockets were molten hot. I loved the slight tang of the jalapenos. It was not hot by any stretch but had great jalapeno flavor. Jalapeno Cheese Dogs, where have you been all my life. Needless to say these were delicous. We will definately return to Los Gatos Meats for more hot dogs.

Los Gatos Meats & Smokehouse
575 University Avenue
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: 408.354.7055