Chilebrown at home

Monday, November 25, 2013


The Ferry Plaza in San Francisco is the ultimate foodie paradise. Browsing the many farm stands and shopping at the numerous food purveyors is always an inspiration. 'Rancho Gordo' was our motivation for dinner tonight. Rancho Gordo specializes in dried heirloom beans. So many colors and unique strains of the all tasty legumes are available. They even have several hot sauces to sweeten this deal. Some fresh made corn tortillas made with heirloom corn caught our eye. La Paloma hot sauce, a house salsa would also be added to the cart. The obvious meal to us would be tacos.

A quick stop at our local 'Carniceria' provided some thinly sliced beef that will be perfect for the barbeque. The meal will be simple. Onions, meat and tortillas will all be kissed with hot mesquite fire. This combination will be assembled and slathered with our hot sauce The meat was seasoned with spices. The grill was oiled. The cooking time was short. It was time to eat.

The La Paloma hot sauce was a very mild and tasty sauce. This sauce was made with mild ripe New Mexican chile's. It was perfect for our tacos. The tortillas had a wonderful nutty corn flavor. A trip to the Ferry Plaza was our inspiration for a simple, easy, and so very tasty taco dinner. This is how we roll.


Zoomie said...

We like their dried beans, but I didn't know they sold hot sauce, etc. I learn something new from you almost every day.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I highly recommend the tortillas too. You really cannot call it a hot sauce. It is very mild.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I love sauces with a bit of bite, but full of flavor. That looks great. Do you deliver?

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I deliver but it may take me awhile to get to your neck of the woods.

Greg said...

Holy moley huge taco!