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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We are having fun trying the products of ‘Culinary Twist’ Today we are sampling a barbeque sauce called; ‘Texan Chipotle Maple BBQ Sauce’. Just reading the colorful label sounds tasty before we have even popped the top. The combination of chipotle peppers and maple syrup is the perfect match of bbq flavors. If our last experience with ‘Baja Sauce’ is any indicator of quality we should have a great meal. This sauce is all natural, fat free and blends honey, maple syrup and chipotle peppers for a robust flavor. Our vehicle to sample this sauce  will be some meaty beef ribs. I love beef ribs and cannot wait till dinner.


Tomato puree (Tomato paste, water) sugar, water, apple cider vinegar, honey molasses, sea salt, brown sugar, maples syrup, corn starch, dried chipotle peppers, spices hot sauce ( peppers, distilled vinegar, salt xanthan gum) onion powder, natural honey flavor, garlic powder, natural smoke flavor, organic chili powder, caramel color, natural maple flavor, dried orange peel are the listed ingredients.

Aroma & Texture;

The top is opened and a fairly traditional smell greets your sinuses. I smell vinegar, molasses and tomatos. There is also a faint aroma of smoke. This is a thick, dark red puree. No seeds are present.


This sauce has a great chipotle flavor. Texan has a smoky jalapeno flavor. This is a mild sauce by all means but has a flavor blast from the peppers. The combination of maple syrup, honey and molasses keep the heat in check with good balance. This has all the components of a traditional smoky bbq sauce. The garlic and onions with the spices are in the background to enhance and compliment. This should be a good sauce for our beef ribs.


This is a mild sauce with the heat meter tipping to one star out of five.


Smoked beef ribs on a covered grill will be our tasting vehicle. Our ribs were smoked for two hours, wrapped in foil and cooked for an additional hour. They were cut and slathered with our sauce. They were returned to the smoker for several minutes to set the sauce.
  I took several bites and started to sing the praises of contentment. My oh My was I in beef rib heaven. Sweet, Sticky, Smoky, Savory, Succulent, Sensational, Sinful, Satisfying, Sexy, are several describing terms. This is a traditional smoky sweet sauce that is the essence of traditional bbq. This flavor is what we all love.


‘Texan Chipotle Maple BBQ Sauce from ‘Culinary Twist’ is another fantastic product. Do you want incredible tasting beef ribs? This sauce is a must have component for that traditional sweet, smoky barbeque dinner. We were very pleased with this sauce and highly recommend it to you.

Culinary Twist


cookiecrumb said...

Splendid Sentences, Snookums!

Zoomie said...

Well written and enthusiastic. I may have to try this one. Thanks.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I wanted to add succotash but it just did not fit.

Zoomie, Thanks, This is a local product and can be found in the Bay Area.