Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Have you ever wished for a product that infuses smoke to your meat with no fuss or muss. Mojobricks is a clean and easy way to impart  beautiful smoke flavor to your bbq cook. A bbq competitor was hawking Mojobricks at a previous event. The price was right and I was curious. These are small cubes of compressed wood that you place over a heat source. They smolder and do their magic. Different flavors are available such as; red oak, cherry, maple and hickory. We purchased the hickory cubes. We will experiment with some beef ribs today.

We are smoking our ribs in a covered Weber kettle. We built a charcoal fire consisting of 30 lit coals. The glowing coals were placed on one side of the grill. We closed the bottom & top vents to a pencil width. The  Mojobrick was placed on top of the lit coals and the grill was positioned. The rack of ribs was placed on the grill away from the coals. The cover was put into place.

   The Mojobrick began to smolder almost immediately. We smelled the beautiful intoxicating perfume of hickory. The Mojobrick lasted for over an hour. The image above is the rack after two hours. You can see all the beautiful smoke color. We wrapped our ribs to finish the cook. These were some delicious smoky ribs. They were not overpowered with smoke but the ribs did have wonderful hickory flavor.
Mojobricks is a clean, easy way to impart smoke flavor to your bbq. What fun we have experimenting



Zoomie said...

That's cool! When you say you "Wrapped your ribs" does that mean you wrapped them in foil? And how much longer did you cook them?

cookiecrumb said...

Compressed wood. Is there glue in it? Anything toxic?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Wrapping ribs is a technique were you enclose your protein with foil with a little moisture and more seasonings. These particular ribs were cooked for a total of three hours.

Cookiecrumb, They are bound together by an organic polymer called lignin, so says the package. I believe they are gluten free too.

Zoomie said...

Lignin is derived from the cell walls of plants, so it shouldn't be toxic, but it is definitely processed. Still, sounds worth it for the flavor.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Interesting. You learn something new every day. I was afraid when you said polymer, but it is natural.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I remember when 'The Experts" were trying to say eating barbeque will cause cancer because of carcinogens. I will take the risk.

Greg said...

No soaking involved? I'm in.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I never soak anyway. If the air flow is limited there should be no need to soak. Even with these cubes, if you have to much air they will flame.

Chris said...

I've used mojobricks cubes in the Egg, they work very well in it. But I haven't tried the full on bricks in my stick burner yet.