Chilebrown at home

Monday, February 27, 2023


I used to look forward to the first asparagus of the year. It was a signal that Spring was right around the corner. We used to be so spoiled going to the Farmers Markets and buying freshly harvested asparagus. I knew my asparagus vendors by first name. You can still buy asparagus at the supermarkets but they are shipped from Mexico. There is nothing wrong with this asparagus but it is not the farm fresh stuff I used to crave. California has been pulling up their asparagus fields. They cannot compete with the foreign products price. Life is full of changes and this particular event has me saddened.


Monday, February 20, 2023



The Ligure Club held a cooking class yesterday. This was a wonderful chance to learn how to make porchetta, giardiniera and Vinny's 'Bah dah Bing Cannoli". It was also a great excuse to have some good food, snacks and meet with friends. I would like to share some images with you.

Did I mention there was wine? No true Italian cooking class does not include wine. We all listened and learned from our instructors. Truth be told, I was there for lunch. The funnest part of our class was when Vinny demonstrated how to make the proper cannoli. Vince told us we have to use Bada Bing cherry brand cherries to top our cannoli. According to him, no other brand will do. I will take his word for it and it was delicious. Everything was yummy today. It was a great day for a cooking class at the Ligure Club.

Monday, February 13, 2023



San Francisco Italian Athletic Club is a very fancy upscale social club located right in the center of San Francisco's iconic North Beach district. I was invited as guest to attend a crab feed dinner. They made me an offer I could not refuse. I met my friend Bob in the East Bay to carpool to San Francisco because parking is notoriously bad in North Beach. We did park in a garage paying 30 dollars three blocks away. (ouch). Walking the three blocks we got a very short tour of North Beach. We walked by restaurants, bakeries, (one sweet, one focaccia only) gelato store and bars. This is a fun area. The club had been recently painted and remodeled and it stood proudly on the edge of Washington Park. We had arrived.

We had an hour to kill before dinner. The SFIAC is two stories large. It has the main dinning hall with an attached bar. This dinning hall had acoustic tiles on the wall an a very high chandeliered ceiling. It was well thought out because later in the evening we could actually have a conversation with 400 men all talking at once. A lot of hand gestures included; this is an Italian club. We went upstairs were there was another bar and a nice balcony to see the San Francisco sites. They had a gym with a basketball court for members to use. We also saw a billiards room This was a fancy social club.

 Take a gander at this anti pasta plate. The olives had just the right amount of garlic to ward off any and all vampires. The next dish was salad and then followed by pasta. This pasta had a sun dried tomato cream sauce. It was decadent and rich.

The main course of crab was served. A quick note of the servers. They were very efficient and professional. It was quit the logistic effort to serve 400 people and they made it look like a ballet. Back to the crab. Everybody was served a plate of crab like the one pictured. It was cracked and had been marinated in (more) garlic, olive oil and vinegar. The crab meat was so good. It had a sweetness to it that was probably from the freshness and the kiss of vinegar. After devouring this plate, I was very full. I did have room for the traditional spumoni ice cream that was served to finish our dinning experience.

 Mangia, Mangia 



Monday, February 6, 2023

Wagyu Bacon Hatch Chile Jelly

Let’s just start off saying this product is delicious.  There are big chunks of smoked beef in a sweet peppery jelly to make this spread irresistible. The hatch peppers is a flavor sensation that I crave. It is not hot but does add the perfect amount of warmth to tickle the taste buds. If I can find any fault in this product; is in label claiming bacon. Bacon is smoked cure pork by definition. There is no bacon listed in the ingredient list. There are delicious smoked beef chunks in this mix, so all is forgiven.