Chilebrown at home

Monday, September 26, 2022

BBQ in the Glen - 5th Annual BBQ Competition

It was a beautiful day to have a bbq contest in Willow Glen California. Ms. Goofy and I donned our shiny judges badges and judged ribs, chicken and tri-tip. There were 22 teams divided by Pro and Backyard divisions. Ms. Goofy and I drew the short straw and had the challenging duty of scoring the Backyard group. The event was well attended and some vendors sold out very early. What a great day. We would like to share a couple of images with you.

The End


Monday, September 19, 2022


I forgot how much I love pancakes. Pancakes are a time machine that transports you back to a simpler time of great food memories. I was not disappointed at the Boy Scout Troup 146 pancake breakfast fundraiser. This was held at the local Elks Club with a good turnout. These young men were polite and eager to make our dining experience enjoyable. What a breath of fresh air and yummy treats.


Monday, September 12, 2022


Two Fridays a month, I run the Richmond Certified Farmers Market. We are proud to announce our very own cookbook. If you look at the back cover below you can see some images of our very own farmers at the market. What fun this book is. They did not ask my input for this book and that is why there are no bbq recipes included. It still is a fun book and if you come by the market, I may even autograph a copy for you.


Monday, September 5, 2022


 El Molino Central is a destination Mexican restaurant in Boyes Hot Springs Ca. Freshly stone ground corn makes for this “’Masa Wonderland”. House made tortillas and tamales are the star here. Ms. Goofy had the green chicken enchiladas and I had the Chile Relleno with creamed corn, cheese, stuffed poblano pepper. The “Salsa Fresca’, was garden fresh. 

This meal had the WOW factor that beckons a return visit; ‘Pronto’.