Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, December 26, 2023


 It was a wonderful Christmas. I do not think Ms. Goofy liked her brand new shiny toaster. Practical gifts are under appreciated in this household. Ms. Goofy did buy a very fancy American Wagyu tri-tip roast for dinner. I consulted my notes and asked some experts for cooking by reverse sear on the Big Green Egg cooker. It does take a little effort but the results are fantastic. You start out at 250 degrees in a indirect heat and cook till 105. After a 10 minute rest it is returned to a very hot direct fire to carmelize the exterior. This raises internal temperature to about 125-130 for the perfect and I do mean perfect medium rare. Merry Day after Christmas.

Monday, December 18, 2023



  Welcome to Paul’s Fruitcake Corner. Here at the corner we will try fruitcake so you do not have to. We will start today with a hardy; “WOW”. Jourdan of East Bay Artisan Italian Pantry & Bake Shop is an Italian baker that sells his baked wares at the Martinez Farmers Market. (And other various Farmers Markets). He has been reading ‘Paul’s Fruitcake Corner’ and wanted to participate. Here we go.

    This cake is huge, weighing in at 3.5 pounds for 25 dollars. I asked Jourdan for the ingredients and it is a large list too. It has 4 different kinds of raisins, ginger, pecans, almonds, dried papaya, pineapple, dates, dried & candied cherries, dried cranberries and all soaked in brandy. The exterior of the cake was firm with a sugary crust. The firm texture breaks open to reveal the interior that was moist from all the soaked fruits. I had to take a moment after the first bite. The melody of dried fruits and almonds all perfectly spiced sings a song of joy. This is fruitcake heaven. This cake was a labor of love and premium ingredients.

  You can too try East Bay Artisan Italian Pantry & Bake Shop baked goods at various Farmers Markets.  Thankyou Jourdan.

Monday, December 11, 2023



Welcome to Paul’s fruitcake corner. Here at the corner we will try fruitcakes so you will not have to. Today’s cake is Mrs. Carvers Holiday Fruitcake. It is found at the local Lucky’s store at around 10.00 dollars for a 12 ounces piece. We here at Paul’s fruitcake corner want to love all fruitcakes. Mrs. Carvers is an unfortunate rendering and may be a good reason fruitcake sometimes has a bad reputation. It looks unappetizing. It is dry to the mouth which egg-nogg will not even rescue. Glace fruit is scattered throughout but is a weird texture feel. It is sickly sweet possibly by high fructose corn syrup. I am sorry but I would not recommend Mrs. Carvers Holiday Fruitcake 

Stay tuned! The Holiday fruitcake season has only just begun.

Monday, December 4, 2023



Ms. Goofy has been on eggnog alert. She finally found one at our local grocery store. This was the only brand available. I am not sure if it is still early or there is not a demand for eggnog anymore. Bud's brand eggnog is a very decent rendering of one of my Holiday favorites. I am going to pour a glass and have a slice of fruitcake. "Ho, Ho, Ho. "