Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


 Epicurious magazine has dropped all their beef recipes from their publications. This is a symbolic  move to promote home cooks to become more environmentally friendly. POPYCOCK is what this Mad Meat Genius has to say. I am so sick and tired of Virtue Signaling from the media and so called Woke Crowd. We all vote with our dollars and it is a good thing that I cancelled my subscription many years ago. 

I apologize for this mini Mad Meat Genius rant. I am going to go cook a steak and calm down.

Sunday, April 25, 2021


  It has been way to long since our last Dutch Oven Gathering. (D.O.G.). Yesterday we removed some of the rust from our beloved black iron cooking pots. Some people call these Dutch Ovens. I call it dinner.

We gathered at the local Elks Lodge parking lot. It was a little breezy and overcast for a pending 24 hour rain storm. This did not stop our troop of dedicated cookers and eaters to create some one pot dishes. All was cooked on premise and in a dutch oven. Charcoal was the heat source. This was time to socialize and catch up.

Peach cobbler, red & green chili, potatoes, shrimp, chicken, stew and a few beverages made a full plate for everyone. Nobody left hungry at this event. We aimed for a 4:00 pm dinner bell but we were a little late and nobody complained because we were having such a good time.

We are far from being normal but our little gathering was a step in the right direction. This small little gathering was very necessary for good mental health with the added bonus of a full belly. I am still smiling today.




Sunday, April 18, 2021


 Hello from Hollister California. This weekend we were at a two day KCBS bbq event called The Golden State Battle III. I know we have been absent from the airwaves since last Thanksgiving and we would love to share a couple of images with you. We want to welcome back some old friends that do not visit Facebook and personally welcome a new friend from this weekend; Jennie. Today we are only sharing pictures and I will have a few words at the end. Enjoy the bbq aroma.


As you may have noticed I have not been posting lately. I have been asking myself if I have lost my mojo for Mad Meat Genius?. I have all sorts of excuses; pandemic, election, and just the way everything revolves around the latest news cycle right or wrong. My website was bombarded by Spam comments which really was disheartening. I have turned on the comment moderation mode which means I can zap all junk comments to virtual oblivion.. I experienced the death of my Bro-In-Law and our beloved pet Lucy last year. So many negative vibrations that I just did not want to share anything. Let's open a new chapter in Mad Meat Genius. I can make no promises except I would love to share our new food experiences with you. Let see what happens. That is all for now. Chilebrown.