Chilebrown at home

Sunday, April 18, 2021


 Hello from Hollister California. This weekend we were at a two day KCBS bbq event called The Golden State Battle III. I know we have been absent from the airwaves since last Thanksgiving and we would love to share a couple of images with you. We want to welcome back some old friends that do not visit Facebook and personally welcome a new friend from this weekend; Jennie. Today we are only sharing pictures and I will have a few words at the end. Enjoy the bbq aroma.


As you may have noticed I have not been posting lately. I have been asking myself if I have lost my mojo for Mad Meat Genius?. I have all sorts of excuses; pandemic, election, and just the way everything revolves around the latest news cycle right or wrong. My website was bombarded by Spam comments which really was disheartening. I have turned on the comment moderation mode which means I can zap all junk comments to virtual oblivion.. I experienced the death of my Bro-In-Law and our beloved pet Lucy last year. So many negative vibrations that I just did not want to share anything. Let's open a new chapter in Mad Meat Genius. I can make no promises except I would love to share our new food experiences with you. Let see what happens. That is all for now. Chilebrown.


Unknown said...

Great to have you back. I always looks foward to very post.

Chilebrown said...

Dear Unknown,
Thankyou, we will see what happens.

Aaron said...

Good to see you back at it- thanks form the pics. We got our 1st jab Friday so hopefully we'll be back in the tent soon.

We went to Smokin' Woods on Telegraph Saturday- it was all very good, particularly outstanding ribs. Revisiting tomorrow for research purposes.

Chilebrown said...

Dear Aaron,
I have never been to Smokin Woods. I tried before and it was something about weird hours or parking. There is Black Star Pirate bbq in Pt. San Pablo which we may go check out. It is a very unique and challenging location. Hope to see you in the judging tent soon.

Aaron said...

The issue w/ Smokin' Woods now is how much that stretch of Telegraph has been impacted by dedicated bus lanes, wider bike lanes and proliferation of those curbside dining setups. Parking karma will be needed (we double-parked around the corner and went to the outside pickup window).

That Black Star piece in the SF Comical you may have seen was an... odd travel piece. One of L's publications ran their review today: