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Wednesday, April 28, 2021


 Epicurious magazine has dropped all their beef recipes from their publications. This is a symbolic  move to promote home cooks to become more environmentally friendly. POPYCOCK is what this Mad Meat Genius has to say. I am so sick and tired of Virtue Signaling from the media and so called Woke Crowd. We all vote with our dollars and it is a good thing that I cancelled my subscription many years ago. 

I apologize for this mini Mad Meat Genius rant. I am going to go cook a steak and calm down.


Birdchaser said...

I have never heard anything so stupid or funny. I guess chicken is next & on down the line.

Chilebrown said...

Dear Birdchaser,
At first I just shook my head in disbelief but then I had to speak up.

“Our shift is solely about sustainability, about not giving airtime to one of the world’s worst climate offenders,” senior editor Maggie Hoffman and former digital director David Tamarkin wrote in a post announcing the decision.

Worlds worst climate offenders is pure nonsense. Maybe Epicurious is turning into food satire?

Big Dude said...

It's always relieving to do a little rant. The porterhouse looks awesome.

Aaron said...

What about the other ingredients from cows- milk, butter, cream, cheese? Try having a recipe website without those- no more website.

Chilebrown said...

To quote some missguided "animal rights" activist group "Direct Action Everywhere"; "It not food, It is violence". These freaks came to the bbq contest in S.F. and put on a show and later at a Martinez contest which broke out in violence. The leader was interviewed and claimed they came not to incite the violence. There are stupid people everywhere.

Zio said...

I have to agree with Aaron - milk, butter, cream, cheese all good and generally necessary ingredients in order to cook. I'm generally just hungry and if my local ranchers are going to offer me pasture raised livestock and hens then I'm grilling/smoking/pan searing and eating it :))
Zia says Hi!

Chilebrown said...

Hello Zio and Zia, It has been such a long time. It is really good to hear from you. Aaron is a fellow bbq judge and we share a lot of the same food views. I agree too. At one time I actually had a subscription to Epicureous. They like others have been pushing a plant based agenda. I for one will stick to my big fat juicy cornfed steak and love it. Chilebrown.

Zio said...

sorry to be so long Chilebrown. Things went sideways here. I thought I'd share some info on one of our local ranchers. Judy and Harry raise lamb and Northern Red Devon. The Northern Red marble beautifully when pasture raised. Judy doesn't supplement their feed, what they find in the pasture is what they eat.

We're doing some of Judy's beef short ribs in the bullet today.