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Monday, June 3, 2013


We used to call this a pork butt. It was also known as a pork shoulder. Not to confuse anyone, the National Pork Board, the Beef Checkoff Program with the blessing of the USDA are updating the Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards. (URMIS). The URMIS new meat labels will be used by most food retailers.This cut of pork will now be called a Boston Roast. These new labels will make it easier for us as a consumer to make our meat choices. Boulderdash!  Is it just me or this makes as much sense as "Lipstick On a Pig".


cookiecrumb said...

Oh, no no no.
I got a good Chanel lipstick color called "Boy." Well, that's no use.
Dried plums!

Greg said...

:) Good old American marketing! If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bull stuff!

Zoomie said...

Funny. They used to call that "Boston butt" but apparently that's too crude for today's taste, so they just dropped off the arse reference, which was always confusing anyway, since it's not from the nether end of the pig.

Wherever it comes from and whatever they call it, that's delicious dinner.

Toons said...

Either way it's no Picnic for the pig.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

When I make a butt for my friends, they used to think is was the butt. But, now they know better. It is a shame we have to change things. Just in case you care where the term Boston Butt came from... WARNING! EDUCATIONAL CONTENT!

Chris said...

I used to buy pork shoulder in Constantinople,
I used to buy pork butt in Constantinople,
But now they tell me I have to
buy Boston roast
and it's waiting in Istanbul.

Even old New York
Was once New Amsterdam
Why they changed it I can't say,
I guess that money got to the USDA!

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, Dried plums indeed. I can see Marin from my backyard.

Greg, The new labels are supposed to have the old name listed too. Not to make it anymore confusing?

Zoomie, I am not sure about arse dropping theory. I am guilty of making butt jokes. You are 100 percent right on about the delicious dinner.

Toons, The picnic used to be connected to the shoulder. Who knows what it is now. I like picnics.

Three Dogs BBQ, I looked at Wikipedia. I actually like the term pork hand. Boston Roast is ridiculous.

Chris, I cannot get that tune out of my head. I have been singing it all day. Cool.