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Friday, June 21, 2013


Angelo Ibierto of 'Angelo;s Meats; gave me a seasoned pig jowel that needed to be  hung in a cool dry place for at least three weeks. This would cure and transform it into some beautiful Italian bacon called guanciale. For three long weeks my fingers were crossed that Ms. Goofy would not discover my not so secret meat project. Ms. Goofy was a good sport and pretended to not know about this adventure. The weeks have passed and it is time to unveil our guanciale. My 'Bro-in-law' John was visiting so I had moral support to reveal the meat in the closet. The bacon was unveiled and Ms. Goofy hit the roof. "You put that raw meat next to my coat?" Luckily John stepped in and calmed the situation. My only hope of redemption was to create a memorable meal from this beautiful piece of cured pig cheek. 'Bucatini all'Amatriciana' please save me.

Bucatini all'Amatriciana is a simple pasta dish made with the guanciale as a rich and decadent flavoring component. It basically is a tomato gravy that is simmered for a short time with our guanciale. We cubed the meat and fried it in a non stick pan. Onions, garlic were added and cooked briefly. Diced tomato's, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper were next and a 15 minute simmer followed. Cooked pasta was added to our gravy. This was all dusted with Parmesan cheese. It was time to ask for redemption.

The 'Bucatini all'Amatriciana' was so very decadent. The cure left an Italian style flavor to the meat. The fat that rendered and the fat that remained with the meat cubes was rich and flavorful. You  bite into a cube of guanciale and the rich flavorful pork love melts into your mouth while you swoon to the Italian love song of flavor. The tomato gravy is perfumed with guanicale throughout. This is and was a pasta dish to remember.

Thankyou Anglo for this meat experience. It is not every day we have a pig jowel hanging in our closet. Guancaile is a rich and flavorful Italian bacon. It was a treat. It was also a flavor that was unique and needs to be experienced. I am pretty sure Angelo will sell you some guanciale that has already been cured. That would not be as fun would it?


Zoomie said...

Now, that's fun. Sounds delicious, and BTW, you have a great wife!

cookiecrumb said...

Can I have the coat? I bet it smells good.

Greg said...

A man has to have a hobby! Well done. I'm so hungry now.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Hope just had to pry my mouth off of the screen... I am drowning in drool!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Ms. Goofy even smells nice. I think she will thank me some day.

cookiecrumb, Absolutely not. It smells to good.

Greg, Thankyou Brother!!!

Three Dogs BBQ, I would love to do this again. I am not sure if this will happen.

kudzu said...

I have come to understand why my grandfathers so appreciated "hog jowl", even though they never even heard of using it in an Italian recipe. I so envy you!!!! How lucky can you be?

Chris said...

That is impressive! Both the cut and the final plate, just all around great.

Chilebrown said...

Kudzu, It was a treat and a fun experience. I have my friend Angelo to thank.

Chris, There is one little tiny piece left that I am going to use for some more pasta. Another visit to Angelo's may be necessary.