Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Mojo is hoping to get a taste of the latest bacon product. It is Baconnaise. What could be greater than bacon flavored mayonnaise. The Wacky people at Bacon Salt have just released a new product called Baconnaise. This will probably be the best new food product since sliced bread. They claim there is no artificial flavors. There is the regular and the lite version. Today we are testing the regular. Mojo is going to be very dissappointed when he learns that he will not be involved in the tasting

When you first open the lid of Baconnaise you will smell a pleasant mayonnaise smell. There is a faint odor of bacon also. I tried a little spoonful by itself. It was creamy and smooth with a very slight hint of smoke. It had bacon flavor, but it was not overpowering. Then it was tried with some crackers and salami. Look out sliced bread. This new product is a winner. The blending of mayonnaise and bacon was brilliant. Eating this product straight out of the jar as a meal would not be far fetched. Baconnaise would be great in dips and salads. The possibilities are endless. The ultimate test will be in a 'BLT'. Would that be overkill? I cannot wait to find out.


Zoomie said...

OMG, that sounds good! Strange color, however - did they use coloring?

liteluvr said...

Well, hell... there goes any hope of a diet.
Bet that could make some awesome salad dressing and aioli too...

Chilebrown said...

I do not see any colorings in the long list of ingredients. There is some paprika that might contribute to the color.
I had a salami sandwich last night. Tonight, a hamburger w/baconnaise.

meathenge said...

Oh boy! Where's mines?

Note: I got claustrophobia yesterday and removed most 2 large sets of speakers in the living room. You won't recognize the room now, it's open and full of light.


cookiecrumb said...

Potato chips! I'm comin' over.

(Biggles: Because we razzed you.)

Zoomie said...

Ah, paprika! That explains it! Enjoy!

meathenge said...


Nah, it was too much. I enjoyed the week, but it was too much. Plus I had to take down my grandmother's cuckoo clock to do it. Now it's right.