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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Zoomie at Zoomie Station just bought a beautiful new basket to bring to the market. I of course teased her about it. The wheels in my head started to spin. What do you bring to the market? It can say a lot about the person. It can reflect your personality, life views and even political affiliations. Ms Goofy and I headed to the Alemany and Ferry Plaza to do research on this subject. We also picked up the ingredients for fruitcake and a weird fruit called Rambutin. We had fun eavesdropping on peoples market retrieving vessels. Zoomie, I guess, I was just a little jealous about your new basket. I usually just pile plastic bags on Ms. Goofy until she cannot carry any more.

Looking for Parking

PoliticalThe Cadillac of the Ferry PlazaTourist If you do not have a bag there are plenty to purchase.


PresidentofCookies said...

What is a Rambutin? Will it go in the fruitcake? Don't you think fajitas sound good for Thanksgiving instead of that same old turkey?

Chilebrown said...

Fajitas for Thanksgiving? I don't think so. Turkey and all the trimmings. Stay tuned for the Rambutin report.

meathenge said...

I have a small cotton bag that I carry, it's my Meat Sack.


cookiecrumb said...

This is a great pictorial roundup.
Cranky uses a messenger bag; it's a good budgetary restraint, because it doesn't hold much.
I've got one of those metal wheeled carts (no! not the Ferry Plaza bag holder!), but as you know, I don't use it much because I'm still in bed... zzzzz.

Zoomie said...

Funny post - I never noticed how many different things people bring to this task! Before the Basket, I used a backpack on wheels, but now I'm cool. :-)