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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What the heck is a Rambutan? It sure caught our eye at the Alemany Farmer's Market. It is an exotic fruit from Southeast Asia. If you live in Malaysia, Rambutan would be fairly common. Rambutan in Malaysian means hairy. This seems appropriate when you see this fruit. It has fleshy pliable spikes. The Rambutan is a very colorful eye catching red . We asked the vendor what does it taste like. He told us it has a taste like a lychee. Since I have no idea what a lychee taste like, we bought one.

Once home, the Rambutan was sliced around the center. One side of the skin was peeled away. A pale white flesh is revealed. Under this flesh is a seed. We cut a small piece and tasted. It was sweet. The texture could be compared to a grape. It was pleasant in curious sort of way. I guess you could make a jam or jellies with them. The Rambutan will be left out of the Holiday fruitcake this year.


meathenge said...

I'll bet it'd be good in a DrInK.


liteluvr said...

Looks like something I saw on Star Trek once upon a time....

Sorta like a grape, huh? Hmmmmmm.

Andrew said...

Mmm, ooks good. My wife is from Singapore, and they eat all sort of interesting fruits over there, most delicious, though beware of durian!

Lychees are very good-you can get them canned at most Asian grocery stores.

Anonymous said...

Andrew- Fresh lychees are really good, too, but unfortunately the canned ones send my blood sugar bustin' out the top of my head.

Liteluvr- Heh, you're right. They ldo ook like little Tribbles.

Biggles- Definitely- some kind of fruit juicy rum kind of deal.

Zoomie said...

Makes you wonder who the first guy with enough courage to try one was! Weird look, but sounds delish.

meathenge said...

I'm hungry.

Unknown said...

How could someone get Rambutans shipped to Southern Oregon. It's not that far from the coast, but it seems that the only places that end up with them are places like Portland, Oregon, Fresno, California. What get me is this if they can be shipped to Fresno why can't they be shipped to other places? It's like the places they are shipped to have made a deal with the people who ship them to not ship them to other places and it's a big fat rip-off.