Chilebrown at home

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was dethroned by Patrick Bertoletti in the Asparagus eating contest.. Patrick ate over 7 pounds of deep fried asparagus in 10 minutes. It was a feat of gastronomical fortitude. This was a monumental event that was witnessed by Chilebrown, Ms. Goofy and a massive crowd of asparagus enthusiasts. Bertoletti did not break 'Jaw's' record of 8.9 pounds that was set last year. We noticed that Jaws fell behind early in the competition. A couple of times he almost lost his payload . Ms. Goofy is going to start practicing so she can enter next year. I bought her some asparagus to practice.

It was a pleasant day in Stockton California for the festival. The temperature was in the 70's. It was a perfect day to celebrate the spears of spring.
Ms. Goofy was attacked by "Britney Spears". Luckily 'AsparaGus' came to her rescue'

Joey Chestnut is in the middle, waiting to hear the results of the eating frenzy. He lost to Patrick Bertolleti on the left.


cookiecrumb said...

I would not cast aspersions on your asparagus.
Sounds like fun.
Cranky and I are laffing over "payload."

Greg said...

I've never had deep fried asparagus...

Might have to make some!

Zoomie said...

Love Ms. Goofy's t-shirt. So stylish. So appropos.

Chilebrown said...

Cookiecrumb, We were a little to close if Joey had delivered that payload.

Greg, Get on it!

Zoomie, Check out last years post with Martin Yan, Ms. Goofy and Yours Truly. We were stylin with Yan.