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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Cinco de Mayo is a holiday of celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. In honor of this holiday we are going to take a tour of a new supermarket in San Pablo California called ‘Las Montanas’. This is a one stop Mexican “Wally-Mart.” One can not stop by Las Montanas and not be impressed by its huge and vast selection of Mexican food items. Just driving into the parking lot you are greeted by smells of barbequed chicken that is being cooked on the outdoor grill. Let’s go inside.

Las Montana’s occupies the old ‘Yard Birds’ and is a cavernous building. The store is divided into different food section stations. The produce section is huge and well stocked. This is a wonderful place to stock up on chilis and herbs for your Mexican dishes. There is a meat section that has your various cuts of meats which a lot are marinated. There is a separate seafood section that stocks fresh mariscos.

The tortilla section has a machine that cranks out freshly cooked discs of masa. You will not be able to pass up these warm tortillas. Right next door is a selection of Mexican pastries and desserts. I will return to try some of those caramel apples.

After all this shopping you might need some nourishment. There is a station that makes fresh fruit drinks and it is located right next to the in store taqueria. What the heck, lets try some Chile Verde. This plate of pork ribs in a green tomatilla style sauce was very inexpensive priced just under five dollars. It was on the salty side for my taste. What was nice was the salsa bar which you can load up on various sauces. The tortillas were very fresh and combining the salsas, meat, beans and rice made for one tasty meal.

Las Montana’s has all these wonderful Mexican food stations. They also stock all other food staples and grocery items. This is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Some of the local ‘Mom & Pop” stores may not be so enamored with Las Montana’s. Las Montana’s is large and has very low prices. We will definitely return to take advantage of the freshness and variety of the various Mexican food items. I will return just to try the caramel apples. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Las Montanas
13901 San Pablo av.
San Pablo, Ca. 94806
510 236-3397


Zoomie said...

Feliz Cinco de Mayo to you two, too! :-)

meathenge said...

I second that emotion! It is a wonderful place to be, really stands out. If you haven't been yet, GO NOW !!!!!!! You can also take advantage of their 5 dollars for 5 Tacos special.

xo, Biggles

cookiecrumb said...

Fantastico! Worth a drive I'd say, but we recently got Mi Pueblo in San Rafael.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Right back at you and Buzz.

meathenge, Maybe we should pick up a couple of tacos to go on our way to Morgan Hill No Bull BBQ contest this Saturday. Ms. Goofy would kill us if we spilled taco juice in the Formula One Racing Honda.

Cookiecrumb, Mi Pueblo is so yesterday.

cookiecrumb said...

I guess we still have too many white people in Marin.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I read your local government is working on that.

Greg said...

Mas tequila por favor.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, No Mas! Well maybe?

Chris said...

Please send East TN a Las Montanas.