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Sunday, February 5, 2017


A Purple Pig Fundraiser for Handicapped and Special Needs Children was held at our local Elks Lodge last night. Our friend Gloria asked us if we would like to attend. She promised us the theme of the evening would be bacon. She was not exaggerating and we would like to share some images with you. We arrived at the lodge to enter into a hall decorated in the color purple. The tables were covered in purple cloth. In fact a lot of the guest were wearing purple. Tonight we feed the Purple Pig.

We pork bellied up to the bar and had several frosty beverages. It was time for the parade of bacon to begin. An appetizer station was set up to start of the porky feeding frenzy. Little cups of bacon studded quiche and bacon wrapped Parmesan crackers whetted our appetite. While we waited for dinner, a silent auction of prizes was available to bid for. We also had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets for fun prizes. Ms. Goofy won a fun basket filled with whimsical items. I commandeered the chocolate from her basket. I was looking forward to the main course because I had not had any bacon in several minutes since the last yummy appetizer.

The dinner was set up as a buffet line. We started with a bacon broccoli salad that was divine. Bacon will make vegetables even taste good which was proven in the bean dish too.We moved on to a maple flavored sweet potato dish. This was covered with a bacon praline topping. Everybody at our table raved at this dish. Our entree was a mushroom topped pork chop in a cream gravy. This was one tasty meal.

Of course no bacon meal would be complete without dessert. Purple frosted pig shaped cookies, bacon studded sugar cookies and the most decadent maple bacon studded  cupcakes topped with frosting and a piece of candied bacon gilded the lily. Gloria, thanks for inviting us. This was a great fundraiser. Where else can you indulge on bacon and do it for a good cause. Good times.

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