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Monday, September 3, 2018


Those of you that live in the Redding California area are familiar with the very popular 'R & R Quality Meats & Seafood market. They sell meats and seafood in large volumes and reasonable prices. Whenever we are in the area we stop by. We also know they sell pre-formed hamburger patties that sometimes are flavored, stuffed or contain Wagyu beef. They usually are premium burgers and we love them. R & R has packaged some pre-formed Wagyu patties. This is a 3 pound package of 12 1/4 pd frozen patties for 9 dollars. This is more than reasonable in price so we decide to give them a try. 

 We open the resealable package and remove a frozen brick of patties. Each patty is seperated by wax paper. With a little prying the patties will separate, remove what you want and then reseal the bag for later use. The bag suggests you thaw the patty and cook on a hot griddle. That is what we do after we seasoned with salt & pepper. A lot of moisture emits from these patties. They cook fairly quickly because of their 1/4 pd size. We add cheese to our burgers. The million dollar question; how do they taste?

The burger looked great on the plate. The first bite was taken. It was okay leaning towards the disappointing side. There is a texture issue. These patties have been processed and frozen. I would compare the texture to a fast food burger. The flavor had a slight gaminess that I did not find particularly pleasant. This is not I expect in a so called Wagyu burger. It had more of a grass-fed flavor. We finished our burgers and decided we did not even want to keep the rest of the package. There is a reason these burgers are so cheap and it reinforces the old saying; 'You get what you pay for".

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