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Monday, November 26, 2018


The weather has been brisk but the climate is Hot in the Chilebrown household. We have run across several hot products that have literally warmed our taste buds. The first is Atomic Hot Links from Butler Gourmet Meats. With a name Atomic Hot Links one would think these meat tubes may create spontaneous human combustion. They were warm but had more bark than bite. They had a heat level that was of medium warmth that was satisfying.

The next product was Fat Cat Cranberry Habanero Relish. This is a wonderful product that will liven up any turkey sandwich to exciting levels. It is a perfect balance of heat, sweet, tart and yuminess. We are no strangers to this relish and you can read the whole review by this link here.

The last hot product we have acquired is Vermont Ghosted Maple syrup from Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's in the infamous store that has everything you have always wanted but do not need. Ghost peppers are some of the hottest peppers around and have been slowly making their way into a lot of mainstream products. I am not sure if this is just for the novelty or people are embracing the heat. We have not tried this yet. Stay tuned.

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