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Sunday, March 24, 2019


Yes, I am a sucker for all things that even have the hint or suggestion of bacon. My BBQ friend Jon sent me a message telling me where to pick up Maple Bacon Donuts breakfast cereal from Post. To be honest I do not eat breakfast cereal and probably have not had any in over 50 years. In the name of research for the Mad Meat Genius readers I will brave this tempting breakfast staple.

I poured a large bowl and dug right in. It was crunchy and sickly sweet. There was a pronounced maple flavor. The million dollar question is; Where is the bacon? Like so many products promising bacon, this did not deliver the promised goods. There is a reason I do not eat breakfast cereal. This just reinforces my dislike of over the top sweet carbohydrates. I rather just go to the donut shop and get the real deal.

Note: I did look at the ingredient list and the closest thing to bacon was "Artificial Flavoring" Oh my!

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