Chilebrown at home

Monday, January 13, 2020


Do you ever sprinkle pepper flakes on your pizza? I do and now I have a new go to pepper blend that will guarantee to shock your senses to new culinary heights. I was gifted a box of three different blends of pepper flakes from the Flat Iron Pepper Company. These are combinations of different peppers that are fresh, vibrant and is some cases wickedly hot. This box had the "Four Pepper Blend, Dark & Smoky and Hatch Valley Green blend. We sampled some Four Pepper Blend on some pizza.

The four peppers are habanero, ghost, jalapeno and arbol. The top is popped to reveal fresh vibrant pepper aroma. The smell is familiar to Chileheads. I can almost identify the different peppers just by the fresh smell. I sprinkled this on the pizza with a heavy hand. My folly is your warning. This is wickedly burning hot. It burns so good. Even though the initial ignition of heat will stun you the individual pepper flavors are present. The earthy flavor of jalapeno, fruit from the habanero, dusty arbol and a touch of bitter from the ghost announces and demands their individual attentions. I love it. Pizza and where ever these wonderful flakes land will transform dishes to new and flaming heights. Good Stuff.

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