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Saturday, March 7, 2020


I open today's post with not the most appetizing shot of some corned beef. It was the first plate of many dishes of corned beef for the month of March. This traditional plate was had at the Fratalanza Italian club. It was most likely boiled in a huge cauldron until limp and lifeless. It was served with boiled everything. It was pretty palatable when smothered with extra, extra hot horseradish, and mustard. It was served with some very stinky boiled cabbage and carrots. This is tradtiion.

I am not knocking our traditional corned beef served at the "Frat' because it also came with some great pasta and it is always fun hanging out with friends. What I am really excited about is this time of year Costco stocks up on Snake River Corned Beef rounds. This will be put into our smoker and turned into pastrami. This is a treat extraordinaire. Tis the season.

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Big Dude said...

I have to believe that will make some great pastrami.