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Thursday, June 18, 2020


We always enjoy watching Steven Raichlen and his bbq cooking shows. He  usually is promoting and selling a line-up of his endorsed bbq products. This one caught my eye and the price was inexpensive.  They are called Stainless Steel Smoking Pucks. The theory is you load up these little pucks with wood chips or wood pellets and put them on your grill. They heat up and start to spew directional smoke in the direction you place them. We shall see.

With the miracle of instant modern logistics they arrived almost immediately at my front door. I tried them on top of the grill loaded with wood chips to cook a steak. This was not the ideal situation for smoking but it would be good enough to see how much smoke they put out. Let say they worked. Smoke did billow out of all the orifices of this contraption. Was the smoke directional? Yes and no because smoke just came out of everywhere. Would I recommend this product? Not really unless you need something to gather dust with the rest of your thingamajigs.


Aaron said...

Hey Paul.

My most recent BBQ score was a 30lb box of wood chunks from which Mr. Chris A steered me to. It ain't cheap, took awhile to get here, but they have lots of free shipping options, and offer woods I haven't seen around here, such as post oak. The chunks are about double the size I'd put in the WSM at a time, so a saw is handy. I won't have to buy smoke wood til next year.

Good to read your posts- hope you two are doing well.


Chilebrown said...

Aaron, If you wanted to drive to Liveromore Smoked Seduction BBQ Supply carries this wood. I just scored 370 pds of Kingsford charcoal from Derrick. That should last me for a little while.