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Monday, August 17, 2020


Alden Miller is a Mad Hot Sauce Genius. When he sends a new hot sauce creation, it is time to be awed and humbled. His latest fermented ( one year) garlic hot sauce is a serious sauce that is not for beginners or wimps. This sauce is a controlled fermentation of exotic hot peppers that have been grown from his garden with the addition of garlic. The top is removed to release a wafting of garlic with a slight funkefied pleasant fermenty type aroma.The color is of a brick red. Past experiences have taught me to sample Alden’s sauces with caution. I had a chip for sauce delivery intake but braved it directly from the spoon. I am no wimp and chips are for sissy’s I braced myself for the burn. It did not immediately grab my heat sensors. It was a gradual heat that was in the back of my mouth. It continually climbed and rose till I begged for it to stop. My sinuses were a mess. I may have had mucous leakage from my shnoz. The burn subsided and I felt a euphoric sensation. This also included a garlic afterburner. This melody of peppers combined with the fermentation process also brings out a Umami factor. Even though it burned so good I craved another hit of this elixir. This sauce is the bomb (literally). Thankyou Mr. Miller.

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