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Sunday, November 1, 2020



Exotic hot chilepepper products have been the latest internet buzz. Hormel has cashed in on a Ghost Reaper chili. These are two of the hottest peppers grown. I can personally attest that these peppers need respect and should be approached cautiously. Hormel announced this offering on social media. They set up a time that this product would be available for sale and sold out within the hour. I did procure one can. Within minutes Ebay had this product at 10 times the actual price. I am not sure what to say about that. Let's give it a try.

I did read the ingredient list. Chile peppers are listed six times and they are all different types of dried and fresh chile. Ghost and Reaper pepper powder is listed towards the end of this list. I opened the can to unleash a barrage of familiar chile pepper aromas. My nose started to twitch which is a good sign meaning it was reacting to chile presence. Tonight we are serving this over a hot dog to celebrate a spicy Halloweenie. Ms. Goofy originally was going to partake in this tasting. She stuck her finger in the pot and tasted. Her reactions was; 'Oh no! This is too hot"

It was hot. I tasted fresh chile and it also had an after burn from the dried chiles. It was very decent in a Hormel Chili kind of way. With six different chile in this mix, I am not sure if I could identify ghost or reaper chile. Your senses were assaulted by fresh and dried all in a chilehead splendor kind of way. How hot was it? For most normal people I would say this concoction was very hot and you might not enjoy it. I eat some sort of chile everyday. I thought is was hot but not as hot as ghost and reaper chile can be. It was tame in this sense. Regardless of the downsizing of potential heat this mixture left my mouth on fire for quit awhile. I actually enjoyed this chili with chile. Good job Hormel.


Big Dude said...

I believe I'll pass on this hot version.

Unknown said...

Absolutely no-way! Call me a sissy, but that kind of heat just takes away from the flavor of the food. I'll take flavor over heat any day.

Chilebrown said...

Dear Unknown, Everybody has different heat tolerances. It was not as hot as it could potentially be.