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Monday, October 24, 2022



We acted on a tip from a trusted friend. He suggested Trancas Steakhouse located in Napa Ca. He reported it was an 'Old School" meat and potatoes restaurant with a fun bar. He was right.

We arrived on a Friday night at 500pm. The parking lot was full and we had to park on the street. We were concerned about having to wait for a table. Once inside we were pleasantly surprised that there was plenty of open dining tables. The bar was packed with local clientele. It looked like a fun party. We were there to get our steak on.

The menu was fairly standard with the usual American standard dishes. The menu also stated the beef was USDA Choice grade with 21-28 days  aging. I had 14 ounce N.Y. steak and Ms. Goofy the 12 0unce Prime Rib. I want to touch on the dining area's ambiance. It was bright. We had a lamp on our table and a hanging lamp directly above. It did make for easy menu reading but was a little harsh on the eyes.

The service was fine except for the waitress forgot an ordered item. It was not on the bill so no harm no foul. The steaks were good but not great. I have had many steaks in the day and this offering did not impress. Maybe it was the harsh lighting, sparse seasoning, and possibly just the presentation? Trancas Steakhouse is a fun place for the locals to hang out and have a steak afterwards. We are glad to have experienced it once.


Big Dude said...

Both meals look great and the prime rib nearly perfect with very little brown around the outside. Since we rarely eat out, I'm always shocked at the prices.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Yes you would of been shocked at the prices. The images turned out very well because of the very bright lights in the dining area. USDA Choice is fine but this offering of beef was mediocre at best.