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Monday, December 5, 2022



I love fruitcake. There are haters but I do not care. This Madmeatgenius grew up in a fruitcake lovers house and experienced some of the most decadent delicious home made cakes one could imagine. This year I will not be baking my own fruitcake and have been in search of commercially made cakes.

The top cake was bought from the Dominican Sisters of San Jose. They make 1,500 cakes a year for their yearly craft fair. Believe it or not these cakes are very popular and sell out fast. I was lucky to get one. It is a traditional fruitcake with candied fruits, nuts and laced with brandy. It was most excellent.

The second cake is a steamed pudding more affectionally known as Figgy Pudding. Ms. Goofy brought it to me from the Dickens Faire. This cake was very moist and yummy. The instruction for servings suggested to soak in in rum for a couple of weeks. I passed because of my teetotaling lifestyle. (I was known to like my drink in the past but have gone 10 years with my new improved lifestyle). Stay tuned for more fruitcake acquisitions. *

* If you do not like Fruitcake; you will be in our thoughts and prayers. See you in January. 


Aaron said...

My goodness! Hope I remember about this next year

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, The sisters cake sells out fast.