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Monday, October 2, 2023



It has been awhile since Ms. Goofy and I have gone out for dinner and a show. We went to Napa California to see an Illusionists show. Three magicians entertained us with illusions, sleight of hand and comedy. We sat in row one and both Ms. Goofy and I both participated in different tricks. No they did not saw me in half. Before the show we went out to dinner. It was not so magical.

We chose Los Agaves which is a mexican restaurant downtown and only a few blocks from the theater. The prices were dandy so we expected more than was delivered. My skirt steak was uneventful with oily house made tortillas. Oily tortillas could be considered a crime against mexican cuisine. Ms. Goofy had enchiladas that were sweet and she made some remark the chicken filling looked like cat food. The only highlight was the atmosphere and the different salsas. Los Agaves seemed to be more of a bar and gathering place for the younger crowd.

It was nice to get out and have dinner and a show. We felt normal and had a good time. It was grand.

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