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Sunday, January 21, 2024


We have some Fatted Calf Bacon in the frying pan today. Fatted Calf is a high end expensive meat purveyor that has been around for awhile. They are doing something right and turn out a good product. This bacon had all the right moves; salty, sweety, chewy/crispy with good pork flavor. This is not your supermarket bacon.  I do have one critism and you can bypass if you do not want to hear my rant.

Fatted Calf and other meat markets have embraced the descriptive term "Heritage". The premise of heritage meat is that it comes from animals with a long history and proven quality lineage. My gripe is that meat companies are using the term "heritage' as a catchall word that does not define what breed of pig that is used. I asked the clerk what breed pig was used and he replied; It could be Berkshire, Duroc, Tamsworth and other breeds. The clerk did not know what breed it was. That is fine and dandy but what if I really like this bacon? Using the term Heritage, I may never know what I am getting. I cannot search out the particular breed that I have really enjoyed. That is all of my rant today. Go out and cook some bacon.


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