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Monday, April 15, 2024


Ms. Goofy had a birthday that we recently celebrated. We braved the rainy elements and traveled to San Francisco to Osso Steakhouse. This steakhouse is located on top of Nob Hill. You climb the cable car steep streets to area of fancy hotels like the Mark Hopkins, Fairmont and Ritz Carleton. The weather was dismal but that may have been a blessing. We did not experience the usual traffic nightmare and had smooth crossing both way. We also parked in the parking lot of the Masonic Auditorium which is right next door. Tonight we will have a no price disclaimer. The parking and dinner was very expensive. If you want to play, you must pay.

We arrived at our reservation time at 6:00 pm. We were seated immediately. It also was a little strange the restaurant was empty except for us and waitstaff. The waiter did volunteer it was a slow time of year. The restaurant did get more customers as our dinner progressed. Ms. Goofy ordered this cheese bread which she had heard about. This could of been a meal by itself. It was so rich with butter and melted cheese throughout. It was warm sourdough bread that was a good start to the meal.

Ms. Goofy had a bone-in filet and I a bone-in New York. Ms. Goofy loved the most crispy fries with two wonderful dipping sauces. One was a chipotle ailoi and the other ketchup. Everything tasted fine and I could nit-pick a few culinary offenses. Okay, I will. My N.Y. was fine except the cooking was a little uneven. We paid a Kings Ransome for these cuts of beef and have a high expectations. It was medium rare in parts and a little over in others. The cooks also had a light hand in seasoning which also occured in the mushrooms. These are small details that could of made a good dinner great.

This was a fantastic birthday celebration. San Francisco has a well deserved bad reputation these days. Tonight we did not experience them. The stars aligned and we dined on top of Nob Hill in all of the splendor that we enjoy. San Francisco can be a magical town and Osso Steakhouse is a star that we enjoyed


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