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Friday, January 9, 2009


Citrus Chicken was not my first choice of titles. I am trying to maintain my PG-13 rating. You can go to my friend, Sourdough Monkey Wrangler to get a good idea what the original title was going to be. There are 3 different citrus trees growing in the Chilebrown backyard. There is a lime tree for Ms. Goofy's margaritas. There is a Meyer lemon for lemonade and a Buddha's Hand tree for giggles. Let's combine them all and season them with a chicken that will be roasted on a grill.

This will be the first barbeque of the new year. This will be a good way to kick off a season of grilling. A disposable roasting pan lined with some sliced onions will be the vessel the stuffed bird will roast on. Salt & Pepper the bird inside and out. Stuff the cavity's with the citrus. I poked a couple of holes in the lemon and lime is case of spontaneous explosions. Build a medium hot fire with mesquite charcoal. When fire is acceptable spread charcoal out evenly over fire grate. Leave all vents open and place bird in middle of grill. Place lid on and return in 1 hour. To see if the bird is done, wiggle the legs. They should almost separate from the body. When done, remove from barbeque and cover loosely with foil. Let rest for 15 minutes. Carve and serve.

This was a good season opener for the grill. The citrus taste was very subtle. It just left a hint of lemon and lime flavor to the chicken. I raise my Fist to this dish. Let the New Year Barbeque's begin!


Kailyn said...

So yeah I checked out Monkey Wrangler's post. I'm still laughing. Sounds yummy though. But don't ask me about how it looks. Especially that photo that Monkey Wrangler had.

liteluvr said...

Looks great. I'll pass on the obvious crudities... just too easy, and I wouldn't want to endanger that PG-13 rating.

Nice bird, there.

Monkey Wrangler said...

Dude, what a way to start off the bbq season. Good to hear it turned out nice. (That tiny little hand coming out the rear is just perfect!)

Happy new year, and remember, when you're in the hood, drop by for a beer......

meathenge said...

Oh man, that looks GREAT !! And speaking of grate, I need a new one for my smoker. I got it rigged, but the air flow ain't right and my fire don't last like it did. Burns cool, then gets worse. Even if I add already flaming wood!


Zoomie said...

Don't you just love roast/smoked chicken? Food of the gods!

Peter Floyd said...
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