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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Once again, We return to Pinole California to absorb some breakfast pork chops. The 'Embers' is our destination today. The Embers is a local institution in Pinole. What makes this hash house different is the wood charcoal grill in the kitchen. This grill turns out some stellar ribs, roast beef,chicken, hams and of course pork chops. The Embers does not disappoint with quality and quantity of their meat dishes.

When we walked through the door our lovely waitress, Debbie, greeted us and gave us the best seat in the house. Through out our meal Debbie treated us like visiting Dignitaries. She gave us service like We were the only ones in the restaurant. There was one other customer. The pork chops were ordered. A choice of pancakes or hash browns were included with this entree. There must be an ordinance in Pinole, Ca., that states: if you order pork chops the pancakes or hash brown must incapacitate you for the rest of the day. This was one large meal. The pork chops were smoky and well seasoned. They were tender and juicy. These chops were magic on a plate. The pancakes were fluffy and light. Several hours later was a different story. My belly was not fluffy or light. Whew boy! I do not think you are supposed to take a nap after breakfast. The Embers is a great place to get your grill on!!!

The Embers

600 San Pablo Avenue
Pinole, California

Debbie at the Grill


Zoomie said...

Looks delicious and scary-filling. This is the kind of place I need to avoid or I overeat badly! But, thanks - next time I'm looking for a binge, I'll head to Pinole!

meathenge said...

The Embers is a wonderful place and love it dearly.

It's not for the light hearted though, tee hee.

xo, Biggles