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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Flowers

The first Amaryllis has bloomed. The Irises are showing their fluorescent beauty. The fava's are so plentiful that the stalks are bowing to the weight of their bounty. Spring is here. When spring has sprung, Asparagus is the vegetable of choice. All of this leads up to the 'Asparagus Festival'.

The Asparagus festival is the beginning of the festival season. This celebration of the green stalks of spring has a bushel of entertainment lined up. Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut will be there to defend his record of 8.6 pounds of devouring deep fried asparagus. Martin Yan will cook up tasty dishes. The Tubes will be performing. Jaws, Yan and Waybill, how can anybody pass up this trio of talent. The best part will be the food. Asparagus ice cream, margaritas, deep fried asparagus, and much much more. Hope to see you there!!!!

April 24-26
Stockton, California

Martin Yan



Zoomie said...

My Beloved and I went one year and had a fine time - we saw the Budweiser Clydesdales (the ground actually trembles when they go by) and bought a small flat of the lovely green spears to take home. It's funky fun.

Chilebrown said...

We saw the Budweiser Girls. They were wearing swimsuites. I am not sure why I got an elbow from Ms. Goofy. I was not staring, too much.

Chilebrown said...

Hey Zoomie, Rendezvous at Catahoula's 10:30am for fava's?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Friday, Friday at 1030 Catahoula's

Unknown said...

Awww, ith pretty.

I went to Catahoula's on Tuesday I think it was and the entire place was filled with military guys all in camo with side-arms. Pretty cool.


Zoomie said...

Yes, Chilebrown, looking forward to chatting with you and Ms. Goofy tomorrow at 10:30am and to trying favas for the first time! Thanks!

Chilebrown said...

Hey Guy, I think Catahoula's is a hangout for some 'Swat Team'. Three clean cut Men that were packin concealed weapons were hanging out front. They were talking in low voices, but, I still got bits and pieces. It was a lot of cop talk.