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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Oh boy, a new gadget for the grill. This is a talking wireless thermometer. It is made by Oregon Scientific. This is a fun and important tool. The only way to cook consistently and proper is with a thermometer. Now I will have somebody to tell me when to remove the roast from the grill/oven. You notice how I said oven. Our local government told us that we could not use our barbeque yesterday. The voice on this thermometer is female and you can program her to talk in different languages. There are preset temperatures for different types of protein. You can change the settings for beef, pork, chicken etc and also the degree of doneness.(Rare, Medium and Burnt)

The maiden voyage for the "Talker" was a prime rib roast. This would be a important piece of meat to cook properly. I do have a complaint for this device. The preset temperature for rare beef was 135 degrees. Where do they cook beef? I pull my roast out at 125 and there is carry over cooking that will bring this up to 130 degrees. Luckily, you can program this device to any degree you heart desires. I set the device to 125 degrees and to the French language. I do not know a lick of french but it sounds sexy. Who is going to listen anyway. At 125 degrees the Talker started saying something, so I pulled the roast. It rested for 15 minutes and it was bloody delicious. The Grill Right Wireless talking thermometer is a welcome addition to the Chilebrown arsenal of tools.


Greg said...

We ate the same thing for Xmas dinner.

The dogs had their share too.

Kailyn said...

Natasha is greatly saddened by the whole Spare the Air thing as she likes to sit in front of the fireplace.

And glad to hear that thermometer gets your seal of approval. Now I know what my dad's next gift will be.

Zoomie said...

Sounds like Santa has your number!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to smoke that gorgeous cut of meat. It still looks delicious though! Glad Santa brought you such a cool gadget!

Chilebrown said...

I need to go to anger management class when ever I think about the Spare The Air Nazi's. They are supposed to make decisions about their decrees 24 hours before. How come they made a decision 4 days berfore Christmas to ban fires. Oh Man I have a headache. I will try not to bring this up amy more.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

great review... It is on my want list.

and what is the Gov't BBQ crac down about???

Chilebrown said...

A Year On The Grill, I will not even give you the website. The Bay Area and most of California has a beaurocratic agency that decides on when they think it is okay to burn wood. This includes barbeque fires. They just demonstraded how B.S. they are by banning fires for Christmas. You can laugh but it will cost you 400 dollars if you are fined. Scary but true!

Chris said...

Can you turn the "back talk mode" off? I already get tired of hearing myself second guess myself: "I told you that you should have pulled it off at 120 and rested, but no, you had to go to 130f. And have you cleaned the garage out yet like you promised last weekend?"


Anonymous said...

Very cool new toy!