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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Prime rib is always nice, but home made 'Christmas' tamales are just something special. I was gifted tamales from several good friends. The Chilebrown Ice Cave housed a couple of packages of leftover 'steamed masa vessels of love'. They needed to be reheated to experience the tamale comfort zone. "Boing!!!", How about firing up the grill? It just so happens that a mini meat adventure to Dittmers had just brought back some 'Sheyboygan' brats and some chicken, spinach and parmesean sausage. Some peppers and salsa were added to make this a complete meal.

Grilling the cooked tamales, kicked the flavor level up a couple of notches. The kiss of smoke added flavor to these wonderful tamales. Dittmers always deliver with quality meat products. These sausage were so very good. It also helped they were cooked on a custom Mad Meat Genius grill. This was just one merry little after Christmas grill fest.


highlandsranchfoodie said...

I've never made homemade tamales. Must give them a try. Your sauce is in the mail today! Made right here in Bronco Country. Actually a couple from Highlands Ranch who lost their jobs a couple of years ago, started bottleing their home made sauce that friends and neighbors carried on about. It's now sold in Whole Foods. Enjoy

Zia said...

You've made me nostalgic... a former neighbor made them each year, and they were fabulous! I'm going to have to corral some help and put some together next year.

Zoomie said...

Still haven't tried tamales - must find that woman you told us about who sells from from her shopping cart!

Chilebrown said...

I am very lucky to have friends that make authentic tamales. When I make them, they are not the same. Reheating them on the grill is the bomb.

Zoomie, I will get you some and call you.

Chef JP said...

Them tamales look dang good!

Chris said...

I haven't made my own yet. We bought some that were on sale at our butcher's store and they were rather good topped with some chili.

That mixed grill looks like one heck of a feast!

cookiecrumb said...

So you don't need to steam them? I thought there was something important about a moist environment. This sounds superb. Wait. Re-read.
Oh, I see. You reheated them; they're already steamed. Cool. (Well, hot, actually.)

cookiecrumb said...

Zia: Oh. You're in Dallas. We could have held a tamaleria next holiday season, but California is a bit far. (This IS what friends are for.)

Zoomie said...

You're too good to me.