Chilebrown at home

Friday, February 26, 2010


Yes, I got married on my Birthday. Chilebrown is no dummy (?) I will never forget the date. We are going to celebrate by going to a local 'Crab Feed". We will be cracking crustaceans with some good friends.

The next morning we are going to the Marin Farmers Market in search of the first Asparagus of the season,. Hopefully, Chris of Zukerman farms will have the green spears of spring. Asparagus is our favorite accompaniment for all things of meat. Bacon wrapped, stir fried, deep fried, salads, and so many other recipes to create. We have our fingers crossed.

My sister, Nancy,"The President of Cookies" sent me this card.


Chilebrown said...

Thanks Nancy,
Do you have any more 'Coffee Crisp"?

Chris said...

Awesome card!

Happy Banniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happies to you both! Enjoy your day :-)

PresidentofCookies said...

No coffee crisps but I did order you a case of James Brown Jam. Happy BD/Anniversary!

Zoomie said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you both. Love the card! And yes the beloved Zuckermans are in the market - I bought a couple of bunches last Thursday. Get there early!

cookiecrumb said...

Happy Birthiversary! Happy!

(word verification: fress)

Greg said...

Happy Birthday Dude!

& that is a cool card

meathenge said...

Happy Post Birthday!

xo, Biggles

Anonymous said...

Happy belated both to you and the Ms.! Keep feeding each other good stuff, and everything will be groovy.