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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Some of the tools of the trade that make Meat Adventures happen are Google and a GPS machine. It is always nice to find a local treasure. Fritz's Quality Meats is a local find. Concord California is only a 30 minute drive from our abode. Fritz's is a tiny meat market that stocks some high quality meats.

When you walk through the door you will be greeted with a display case full of meat and fish. On the counter some home made spice rub is for sale. The owner Rocky will cut and wrap any cut of meat you desire. Rocky is very friendly and helpful. He does make a house breakfast sausage. Prime Smoke Meats smoked pork chops and bacon are carried here. This small shop has been in existence for a long time. One throw back to the past is the metal rail that snakes along the ceiling. This was used to hang and slide sides of beef from a truck to the walk-in refrigerator.

Fritz's is a link to the past. The corner butcher has been lost to the Mega-Wally-Marts. It is refreshing to see and support business's like Fritz's. We picked up a Flank steak and some of Rockys home made horseradich sauce. They both were delicious. I am looking forward to the next Meat Adventure.

Fritz's Quality Meats & Catering
3495 Clayton Rd
Concord, CA 94519
(925) 685-8204


Anonymous said...

Wish Fritz would open a location in Highlands Ranch. I used to have a store somewhat like this close to my old house in West Denver. I wonder if it's still in business. Loved that store.

Rene said...

Looks great, I need to find a place like this in nj

Zoomie said...

I went back to Baron's the other day and scored big! Now, I need to get out to Concord!

Chilebrown said...

highlandsranchfoodie, How about checking into it. I would love to hear about Meat markets in Co.

Rene, I bet you have some old meat markets with a lot of character. You just need to find them.

Zoomie, You are a convert. I think you need to graduate and go to Buds, Fritzs or Dittmers. They are all less than an hour away from you.

Greg said...

A real old school butcher? It must be a dream.

Chris said...

Yeah, we could use a Fritz here too. The two real butchers left here don't hold a candle to that operation.

Laurie said...

I am lucky enough to live in Concord and love this place. The butchers are great/friendly/helpful. The meat really is terrific, and well priced for upscale quality. They'll even cut your steaks to order -- of course they do; they're actual butchers. One of the surprises for me was their dry rubbed tri-tip. Not normall a great cut, theirs is tender and flavorful (especially when I BBQ it).

Unknown said...

Coming from Nevada on business I tried calling several times in the week before to confirm the times of operation and availability of their tri tip seasoning rub I wanted to purchase. No one answered the phone and the voice mail box was full.
I showed up at 10:00 AM on a Thursday but the shop was closed. The business next door said someone comes in daily but just didn’t know when! What a way to run a business!
I learned Brian Englund was the previous owner years ago and now operates Englund’s deli on Port Chicago Hwy in Concord, CA. who also sells the tri tip seasoning. I called him but he was running low on supply that week and suggested I contact the company that he purchases the seasoning from. I called California Butcher Supply in Milpitas, CA. 800-662-6212 and ordered the OL Western BBQ Seasoning direct from them. I paid less than half the price that Fritz charges and got it shipped to my house. $33.00 + $14.20 shipping for 12 lbs.

Unknown said...
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