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Friday, August 13, 2010


We have a lower drawer in the kitchen cabinet that is a graveyard for kitchen tools and gadgets. It is a sort of purgatory for these instruments of convenience. We do not really want to throw them away but we rarely or never use them. Numerous specialty items like a garlic peeler, pineapple corer, fruit garnisher, peelers and numerous implements that their use has been long forgotten are stored. You can find nuts & bolts that were safely put away so they would not be lost. We now have a new tenant in this special drawer. The Corn Cobbr will be released straight to DVD/ the drawer.

The Corn Cobbr was strategically placed right next to the corn at our local Waly-Mart. It looked so promising and inviting to make the de- cobbing of our corn a easier faster task. We were making some cream corn and this tool would be perfect. We got it home and found out P.T. Barnum was right."There is a sucker born every minute".This gadget went straight to our special drawer. Sometimes a nice sharp knife is the only tool you will ever need.


Robert said...

Aw, rats. I love making creamed corn myself and generally completely cover my kitchen with flying kernels and corn juice. I saw the pic and thought maybe this was just the tool I was looking for but . . . I guess I'll stick with the sharp knife!

cookiecrumb said...

Whoa, 'sploding corn, eh?
I want corn.

Zoomie said...

Doesn't everyone have one of those drawers? I do, but only one, so every now and then I take out the stuff that doesn't get used and give it away. The only thing I've ever found that works for taking corn kernels off the cob is a sharp knife in a very large bowl to catch the errant ones.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that just gripe ya?? I have many of those tools that looked promising. I actually do have a gadget that removes corn from the cob and I do use it, and I think it works somewhat better than a knife. At least, it seems to keep the kernals from flying all over the kitchen.

Zoomie said...

P.S. Where did you get the red corn and does it taste any different?

Anonymous said...

What Zoomie said... I can't help but wonder where all these gadgets go after they're given away. I've never seen them in use elsewhere.

A Year on the Grill said...

To funny someone should host a "worthless gadget in my drawer" day for us to link up

Chilebrown said...

Robert, Cream corn is a summer treat. A sharp knife and a large bowl is all I can offer.

cookiecrumb, Yes, and so tasty and yummy

Zoomie, The red corn came from Pedricks in Dixon. Must stop fruit & veggy stand. Red corn is not as sweet as the new whites. Good corn flavor.

highlandsranchfoodie, I am a sucker at the fair. You can sell me anything.

Zia, I could never give them away. You never know when a radish flower might come in handy.

A Year on the Grill, My drawer is overflowing that is for sure.

Chris said...

Our worthless gadget drawer has migrated down to the basement closet these days. I think the most recent failure was those "poach pods".

Greg said...

I hate clutter so my junk gets given away.

cookiecrumb said...

I love clutter. Have a pineapple corer, and an avocado -- uh -- getter. It scrapes out a half and slices it at the same time. So worthless. (I didn't pay for either of those tools.)
I've developed an amazing gadget organization system. Critical, not so critical, and not critical at all but not giving it away.

Anonymous said...

At least now you have a perfect white elephant gift for a Christmas party in December!