Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We have made jalapeno pork sausage several times here at Mad Meat Genius, but today’s version will have a special Chilebrown twist. We are going to use pork fat from the Mangalista pig in our sausage preparation. We prepared a Mangalista pork shoulder last month and reserved the fat cap. This fat is very special. It is almost pure white. It has a very low melting point and just tastes fantastic. The Mangalista pig is well known for their superior fat. This lard will be our key ingredient in these stuffed meat tubes of joy.

Pork loin will be the meat combined with our special lard. A couple of Jalapenos, fresh garlic, cilantro, a splash of sugar & salt with a dash of our not so secret rub are our ingredients. The fat was semi frozen to enable it to go through the cutting blades without melting. All the ingredients went through our Kitchen Aid sausage grinder attachment. The mixture was thoroughly mixed and refrigerated for a couple of hours. We then stuffed our meat mixture into casings.

This sausage was coiled and skewered for easy manipulation on the grill. It was cooked indirectly with a medium heat. These sausages had a high fat content and would explode or flame up on a direct fire. They were cooked until the internal temperature hit 150 degrees. They were rested and then sliced. This was a taste treat. The jalapenos did not add heat but a slight pepper flavor profile. The star of this super juicy and flavorful sausage was the pork. The Mangalista fat flavored and coddled our pork loin with porky goodness. Oh was this a success. We got a chuckle that our fat component cost four times as much as our meat (pork loin). It sure was worth it.


Zoomie said...

Your sausage stuffer is interesting - we used the one on the KitchenAid and it was awkward. This looks like a simple and effective device. And your recipe sounds wonderful, too.

Greg said...

Fat equals flavor! It sounds fantastic and the old school stuffer is cool. I have taken an oath to buy non-electric kitchen tools in the future.

cookiecrumb said...

Awesome. So cool you had saved that fat. Like gold!
I ate one of your jalapeño sausages once. Biggles brought it to my house and cooked it for lunch. Good!

Zoomie said...

The skewers are a great idea, too!

Anonymous said...

"...stuffed meat tubes of joy."

I love it! Great looking sausage.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I have used the KitchenAid stuffer in the past and you just have to be patient. The skewers worked great.

Greg, This old shcol stuffer can be found at Cabela's.

cookiecrumb, Praise The Lard!

food-fire, I had to tone it down a little bit.

Chris said...

Shhhh! You hear that? I think I heard angels singing!