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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Art & Angleo Ibieto , are two  legendary brothers creating great food in Sonoma County. They both have unique and colorful personalities. We know Angelo from being customers for many years at his butcher shop. This relationship has blossomed so we now feel like part of the family. If we call in advance Angelo will cook some of his special dishes for us. He has impressed and fed us with risotto and to die for focaccia. I have never tasted focaccia so perfect. Art is the ‘Pasta King” of Cotati, California. Art is Angelo’s older brother who creates great pasta and sauces. Art has just opened a new restaurant in Rohnert Park. Angelo has contributed his recipe and advice for his exceptional focaccia. Ms. Goofy and I jumped into the ‘Racing Honda’ and proceeded on a mission to have focaccia and lunch at Art’s Place.

Art’s Place is located in a small strip mall occupying a former ‘Sports Bar”. They just opened the doors five days ago so officially this is a “Soft Opening”.  The restaurant is clean and brightly lit. The first thing we notice is the wood fire pizza oven. We chose a booth to have a view of this pizza baking hearth. There is a bar with a television probably a remnant of the former sports bar.

The menu is a work in process. We scan the mimeographed offering of pizza, burgers, sandwiches and fresh pasta’s. When the waitress came our first uttering was foccacia. We were on a mission you know. Ms. Goofy ordered a tri-tip sandwich. Some sandwiches are served on focaccia slices, but not this one. I ordered baked chicken parmesan that was served with imported pasta and grilled vegetables. Our focaccia was served promptly.

It is hard to put into words how special it is to have Angelo serve you some fresh focaccia. Maybe it is the smile and good cheer that accompanies this olive oil brushed bread. Art’s focaccia was very good. It was not fresh but reheated in the oven. It was cut into small cubes. We enjoyed it but it just did not give us that warm fuzzy feeling when eating with Angelo.

Ms. Goofy enjoyed her tri-tip sandwich. The meat was tender with a flavorful au-jus to dip the sandwich. She really enjoyed the onion rings that accompanied. My chicken was flavorful and tender. The vegetables had a great roasted flavor. I wish that the pasta had been some of Art’s house made but it was still good.
  We shall return to Art’s Place. They are in the process of a ‘soft opening’. The menu is evolving. I won’t mention how the busboy poured water all over our table or how we were delayed leaving because the cash register froze. We noticed families ordering the wood fire baked pizza and they looked great. Next time we will be sure to order the house made pasta. I believe Art’s Place will be a success in Rohnert Park. Meanwhile, I think it is time to give Angelo a call.

Art’s Place
563 Rohnert Park Expressway
Rohnert Park California 94928
707 588 2787


Chris said...

Soft openings are always fun because of the "on the fly" nature of them plus you know to expect some uncertainties.

Chilebrown said...

Chris,We felt for the busboy but it was funny.We hope this place does well. We will be back.

Daniel Lee said...
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