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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hallelujah!  Heat Hot Sauce Shop is finally open. Dylan Keenen and Becky Gibbons have been jumping through numerous bureaucratic hoops to open their new hot sauce shop in Berkeley California. This shop marks a milestone in the hot sauce world. Chileheads, especially this one, in Northern California will finally have a store to sample and purchase new, unique, hard to find, global, and local hot sauces.

Heat Hot Sauce Shop is small in size but huge in chile sauce selections. The brightly lit shelves are stocked full to the brim. It is almost difficult to make a decision with so many choices. That is were the tasting bar steps up. Dylan will gladly offer samples. This Chilehead bellied up to this bar for quit a while. With burning lips and a smile on my face my shopping cart was filled.

Dylan and Becky also bottle three sauces of their own. They are handcrafted and organic. Chocolate Jalapeno, Aji Narania , and Pineapple Habanero are three sauces that are on my bucket list. With all these choices I will be pacing myself because I want to try them all.

When you are in Northern California be sure to visit Heat Hot Sauce Shop. Dylan & Becky have made hot sauce aficionados very happy with this new shop. They do have mail order if you cannot make it. They also have a “Hot Sauce of the Month Club” that would make a great present for all occasions. Stop on by and you will probably see Chilebrown hangin out at the chile bar.

Heat Hot Sauce Shop
1922 Martin Luther King Way
Berkeley, Ca. 94704


Chilebrown said...

Just a little shopping tip. You can park on the roof. See you there.

Greg said...

Hot hot hot! Looks like a party for you.

Chilebrown said...

Hey Greg, A party that you are invited to. They have all heat levels and many different flavors.

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Three Dogs BBQ said...

I like it when a young couple has a dream and sees it come true. Here is to hoping their adventures is successful...

Robyn Medlin, Culinary Life Adventures said...

This sounds like my version of heaven. There is also a cool place in San Fran called Wings and Waffles or something like that near University of San Fran area that has a pretty impressive hot sauce collection. I'll have to check this out next time im in the bay area!

Zoomie said...

What a fun concept for a store! Nice of you to give them a shout out .

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I will toast to that.

Robyn Medin, Culinary Life Adventures, I just put Wings and Waffles on the bucket list. Thanks

olivia, I am really glad they are open. I have been waiting for a hot sauce store forever.

Zoomie, Give them a look, I am sure you can find a sauce perfect for you.